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More Bathroom Stories, Poop Desperation and Links
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I thought I would try to update again tonight. I'm always in the mood to talk about these experiences as I have them. I'm not sure how much I'll get around to tonight but will see how much I can. In addition to completing my survey and eventually someday maybe my poop redistribution story I want to share some more memories of times when I was desperate when younger as I recall them.
I'll start with a more recent experience. Today I saw John Carter at the movies and again there was a ladies room line. It wasn't anywhere near as bad as last time though. Today's line was only maybe three out the door and 10 people in line total, but there was a little bit of excitement. As I was waiting in line I think the woman in front of me might have been a little bit desperate. She was a little bit older which I usually don't find as attractive but she was wiggling her butt rather frantically and I think she was desperate to poop. She had a little girl with her who also seemed to take notice of her distress. I definitely know she had to do more than just pee. I know this because as soon as she went into the stall with her daughter she slammed the door shut and I could hear her moaning in relief.
She ended up taking a long time in there and I got the stall next to her. It would figure that I would have to poop as well. I'm growing more accepting of this as it seems to happen every time I eat I need to go to the bathroom right away ever since my surgery. It doesn't help to have a woman squirming in front of you when you're trying to hold it in.
Then, as I was sitting in the stall next to her, I could hear her going as well.
I tried to be as quiet as possible but she was rather loud. We were both in there for a few minutes and finished at close to the same time. But the embarrassing thing was when I got out there was a a girl who also came out a minute or so afterward. She did not see which one of us was the loud one, but when she got out and I was at the sink with the other woman, she sort of looked at me and laughed. The other woman sort of smirked back to her. She thinks that it was I who is making all that noise and not the other woman! So that was a little bit embarrassing.
As a result of my gastrointestinal difficulties I find myself having to poop in a public restroom more and more frequently. It used to be a fairly rare occurrence but now I feel gas pain pretty much every time I eat and as a result often feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. I don't necessarily have to go immediately, but if I sit to have a quick pee it is impossible to hold it in. As I have mentioned here numerous times before sure I pretty much never skip out on a pee. If I go out somewhere it's pretty much a guarantee I'm going to have to pee at some point. But now if I eat wherever I go or shortly before going someplace I'm going to have to poop fairly soon. This leaves me with the choice I rarely had to make in the past and a sometimes difficult choice at that. As a person who is poo shy but who always has to pee, it is a dilemma. I am now forced to choose between having to pee and poo or holding both in. Since I find it very distracting to not pee when I'm out and doing things I now find myself forcing to adapt myself to becoming a regular public pooper. I sometimes feel like my redistribution scenario has occurred for real.
It also inspired in me a new take on the redistribution scenario. This one might not seem as bad on the surface but for a person who is shy about going in public it is extra frustrating. In this scenario instead of 20% of women pooping for everyone a far smaller percentage of women absorb the need to go from other women when they are in proximity to them. The way this would work is the majority of the time you would be fine. But say you are out in a public place where there were numerous other women.
Let's use as an example that 20 women long line I encountered a few weeks ago. Now I don't know how many of those women had to poop but let's say I did not have to go but one or two women in the line had to. In this revised scenario when I join the line I instantly absorbed their desperation giving them immediate release and allowing them to either leave the line or at the very least, be assured they will not have to suffer the embarrassment or inconvenience of having to poop in a public toilet. I, on the other hand, would be faced with having to go very frequently almost every time I get in line. That might be even more frustrating than my other scenario.
Just imagine it. You get into line dying to pee and then suddenly you are hit with a double whammy. Not only are you now stuck in line desperate to pee but desperate to poop as well. Then imagine you see two women walk away from the line without having to wait or having to go and just casually strolling away without a care in the world while you are stuck having to do their business for them! And just to make it sting extra bad picture them as two women whom you love to tease when they were desperate. Now if they are ever desperate you would not be able to get in proximity to them without instantly absorbing their need to go so they will NEVER be desperate or at your mercy again but you will always be at theirs!
Also I figured that this would also work well you could absorb smaller amounts of desperation from numerous women who might not even feel the urge to go yet and you would absorb it until you had to go severely. In a line of 20 women or even less there might be enough need to go for several poops. So not only would you have to go in public but you would probably be on the toilet for a long time. And, if during that time another woman comes into the bathroom having to poop, you would absorb her desire to go as well while you have not yet finished. If people were aware that there was an absorber in there whole groups full of women needing to go could go in there and keep you going, trapping you in the stall for a lengthy period of time and making you a prisoner there! And then imagine you're finished up and are at the sink, washing your hands, when suddenly another woman runs in holding her butt cheeks. You know what that means – you, not she – would be back on the toilet or even worse back in line where you could end up absorbing even more the longer and longer you stay. You might be lucky to ever get out of there!
Well, again, I got carried away on a new topic and I think that's all that I'm going to have time for tonight. I'm writing notes to myself about older memories I have of waiting for and using the toilet, most involving long lines! I have a good number of stories from when I was in school and times when I went upstate.
I also started posting on toilet stool as Desperate Jill. Check it out here- .
Now to end with here are some links to YouTube videos. I've been collecting since my last update. Enjoy! (Stalling. A girl needs toilet paper.) (Bashful Bladder. I know how she feels. Torture!) ("Masking Number Two" Bathroom Etiquette for Women Lesson Three. She gives some good advice. Unfortunately I can't go if there is paper in the toilet. I'm also usually unlucky in that whenever I need to poop I always get stuck with the middle stall. If you have to go bad enough leaving is not an option! I've done it before though as I have trouble going when others are around.) ("Stall Protocol" Bathroom Etiquette for Women Lesson Two. A nice film but when the bathroom is crowded leaving one stall between you isn't practical. The ending-lol. Everyone's worst fear.) (Holding it! A girl pees herself in 2 parts.) (Bursting for a Wee.)  (Inside the girls bathroom.) (Gotta Go! I like how dramatic the girl is in this!) (Now that is a long ass line!) (Ain't it the truth!) (A men's room line but no ladies room line. Bizarro world!) (ABC News 20/20 Long lines at women's restroom. Still one of the best clips on lines and they show some go videos of lines too!) (Funny Doritos commercial with bathroom line.)


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