Potty O' Gold
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I haven't had any new interesting sightings or experiences since my last blog update. Unfortunately the day after my last update I ended up sick in the hospital again which kind of killed the fetish binge that I was on. And then since then I haven't really gone anyplace crowded or interesting. Other than a really brief line at the ladies room when I was at the bookstore one day I really don't have anything new to share.

But then tonight I was going to write a leprechaun story for St. Patrick's Day in order to honor my Irish heritage. Usually every year I write at least one crazy leprechaun story for St. Patrick's Day. But then I was kind of feeling in the mood to write a desperation story, so I compromised and I wrote a desperation story about a leprechaun! So here it is and I hope you enjoy! In case it's not blatantly obvious, this is a totally fictional story. Once again I named the main character after myself, which makes me feel like I am talking in the third person, but I kind of like making myself the character in the stories. I reacted basically the way I actually would in such an absurd and ridiculous situation!

Potty O' Gold
It was St. Patrick's Day so everyone decided to go to the bar to get drunk. After several hours of drinking everyone's bladders were getting awfully full.
"Christ I really have to piss!" Jill said as she squirmed in her seat. "I think I had better get in line for the bathroom."
Jill slinked off to go use the ladies room but unfortunately the line was at least 20 women long and there was only a single stall.
"Dammit it figures!" Jill said as she crossed her legs. Why did she have to drink so damn much, she thought to herself as she struggled to take her mind off of her exploding bladder.
The line moved at an absolutely glacial pace. "Why don't they have more bathrooms in a place when everybody is filling their bladders up with liquid constantly?" Jill moaned aloud.
Jill looked at the line next to her for the men's room and found that while there was a line the line was moving rather quickly. The men were peeing loudly into the toilet and it was driving her completely frantic. Every minute was a loud hissing into the toilet followed by a loud thunderous flush. For every five men who used the men's room for the ladies room line would move up may be a single woman at most.
"This is going to take forever!" Jill said as she twisted her legs into a pretzel.
Soon she saw the three guys that she was at the bar with use the men's room and after finishing up using the men's room they looked at the line that Jill was waiting on.
"Wow your line is definitely moving slow," said James.
"Yeah, you are going to be waiting forever on that thing," said Jack.
"Why don't we just find somewhere else for you to go," Bill said.
"No!" Jill said as she bobbed up and down jogging in place. "You always say that we will find some other place for me to go to the bathroom and I always end up waiting a really long time."
"Okay we are going to go get more to drink," said Jack as the other two left with him. It was easy to get more to drink when you didn't have to wait in line for a half hour or more every time you had to pee.
After another 20 minutes passed the line had only moved up about seven or eight women when someone suddenly put up a sign on the door that said out of order.
"You have to be fucking kidding me!" Jill said as she bit her lip and continued dancing in place in front of the bathroom.
Jill went back over to her three friends who were at the table drinking away.
"Finally got to use the bathroom?" Bill asked.
"No, the damn thing was out of order!" Jill said. "Let's just get out of here, I have to find a bathroom really soon."
The four of them decided to leave the bar after the guys all quickly used the bathroom again first. Unfortunately as they walked down the street they saw that every place was packed or had a sign that said bathrooms are for customers only.
"Let's just cut home through the woods," James said as he pointed to the ominous looking woods in front of them.
"Guys I really have to go to the bathroom," Jill said as she stood there with her legs crossed. "I am seriously not joking here."
"It is the fastest way home," Bill said. "It shouldn't take us more than a half hour."
"A half hour!" Jill said with a grimace as she put her hands on her knees and bent a little. "But I really have to pee right now!"
"Like I said it's the fastest way home, so the sooner we get going through the woods the sooner we will be home and the sooner you can go to the bathroom," said Bill.
"Fine!" Jill shouted as she jogged in place. "But good God lets hurry up!"
As the four of them slowly began walking through the woods Jill stopped every few paces to catch her breath. She had to pee so badly that it was almost impossible to concentrate on anything else. And to make things worse all of the guys seemed to be extremely drunk and started blathering on about the most asinine of things.
"Has anybody heard the legend of these woods?" James asked.
"You mean about the leprechaun?" Jack asked.
"Yeah, I remember hearing something about that," Bill said. "Isn't this those woods where the leprechauns live and they keep their pot of gold?"
"Look guys there is only one golden thing that I want to find right now and that is some place to release my golden stream!" Jill shouted.
"Hold your horses Jill," Jack said.
"I am holding something but it is certainly not horses!" Jill said as she tightly crossed her legs and grabbed herself.
"I think we should look for the leprechaun," said Bill. "I could certainly use a lot of leprechaun gold to pay off my gambling debts."
"I wouldn't mind some leprechaun gold," said Jack.
"Neither would I!" James shouted. "So we are all in agreement, we will look for the leprechaun."
"No!" Jill shouted. "This always happens, you always say that you will find me a bathroom and then you always end up getting me involved in some type of asinine situation, although this one has to take the cake. There are no such thing as leprechauns!"
"Okay let's be democratic about this and vote on it," said James. "All in favor of looking for the leprechaun and his pot of gold?"
All three of the guys raised their hands.
"All in favor of running straight home so that Jill can use the God dammed bathroom!" Jill said as she put her arm up really high in the sky, while keeping her other hand firmly between her legs.
"Well 3 to 1, sorry Jill," Jack said. "Now let's find some leprechauns!"
"No!" Jill shouted. "This is a real potty emergency here. I am not going to wait around with my bladder ready to explode while you look for some nonexistent leprechauns. You are just completely drunk and aren't thinking clearly."
"Well if you really want to be a buzz kill you can always go home yourself," James said.
"I don't want to get lost in the woods," Jill said.
"Okay fine, we will just look for the leprechaun for a half hour and if we don't find him we will go straight home," Jack said. "I think that's fair."
"In a half hour my bladder is going to explode!" Jill shouted at the three of them who already were skipping off looking all over for leprechauns, so Jill just stood there holding herself and trying as best as she could not to think about it.
"Maybe the leprechaun is over here by this babbling brook," Bill said as they all turned and looked at the stream gushing loudly in front of them.
"OOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh," Jill moaned as she danced in place. "Please guys I really have to use the bathroom!"
"Then just go on a tree or something," Jack said.
"You know that I can't do that without peeing all over myself," Jill said.
"You could always just strip naked and then stand there and pee," Bill said with a laugh.
"So you guys can all sit there drunkenly watching me, I don't think so," Jill said as she folded her arms and continued jumping in place. "Please guys, you are just drunk. Once you sober up you will realize that there are no such thing as leprechauns."
"Well I am not giving up my chance at a fortune just because of your bladder Jill," James said. "We will keep looking for the leprechaun."
Jill pounded her fists against a tree and continue to limp along as the guys went around looking for leprechauns. Every so often she would check her watch.
"Okay guys it has been a half hour, you promised you would take me home after that," Jill said as beads of sweat dripped down her forehead.
"Okay I suppose that's only fair," said James.
"Hey guys over here," Jack said as all of them gathered around to look at a footprint in the mud.
"What is it?" Bill asked.
"It looks like the footprint of a boot," Jill said as she swayed back and forth.
"Exactly!" Jack shouted. "We all know that leprechauns always wear boots. These are leprechaun tracks!"
"Oh my God, enough with the freaking leprechauns already!" Jill said. "I just want to go to the God dammed bathroom. You promised if you didn't find a leprechaun within a half hour that you would take me home."
"Yeah but circumstances have changed," said James. "Now we have direct proof that the leprechaun was right here."
"No you don't!" Jill shouted. "That could be anyone's boot print. Plenty of people wear boots in the woods, that doesn't prove a leprechaun did it."
"On the other hand it doesn't prove that it wasn't a leprechaun," Jack said as the other two nodded in agreement with him. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. And in this case we have direct evidence that the leprechaun was right here."
"God dammit this is just drunk talk!" Jill shouted as she bent at the knees and grabbed herself.
"I promise Jill that after we follow these tracks if we don't find the leprechaun we will bring you right home," James said. "Scouts honor."
"You're not a Boy Scout!" Jill shouted.
"It's just a phrase," James said. "Now onward to the leprechaun!"
"First I think I have to go to the damn bathroom," Jack said.
Bill and James nodded in agreement and the three of them went and peed on the tree.
"Oh for Christ's sake!" Jill said as she moaned in agony.
"You can always join us," Bill said.
"Thanks, I think I'll pass," Jill said, although it was awfully tempting.
Having no choice, Jill followed the three guys as they followed the leprechaun tracks through the forest until it led them to a cave.
"You're not actually going to go into that dark cave are you?" Jill asked.
"We didn't come this far not to look in the cave," James said. "For all we know the leprechaun is in there."
"Or you know it could be nothing, or bats, or a serial killer's secret hideout, or some type of cave that is full of pornography," Jill said practically keeling over from the pain in her bladder.
"Cool a serial killer," said Jack.
"Wow an entire cave full of pornography," said Bill. "Now we have to check it out!"
Jill didn't like it, but not wanting to get lost in the woods on her own, she followed her three idiot companions into the cave hoping that once they saw that there was no leprechaun inside that they would finally give up and go home so that she could use the damn bathroom.
They walked a few paces until suddenly they found themselves in an area that was lit up by light from a hole in the top of the cave with a rainbow shining down onto a pot of gold.
"Oh my God it's a real-life pot of gold!" James shouted. "Told you so Jill."
Jill was astonished as she saw that clearly there was a pot of gold sitting right in front of them. "Still doesn't prove that there is a leprechaun in here," Jill said.
"Jill, seriously, now you're just being nitpicky," said Jack. "If a leprechaun didn't put it there who did?"
"I don't know, human beings," Jill said.
"Well at any rate, finders keepers," James said as the four of them approached the pot of gold.
"Aye lads and lasses," said a little man no more than half of their size wearing a little green suit with a little green hat who came and poked Jill right in the bladder with a shillelagh.
"Jesus Christ don't do that!" Jill shouted.
"What do you think you are doing trying to steal my pot of gold?" the little man said.
"Who are you?" Jill asked.
"I am the leprechaun," the little man said. "And this is my cave of treasures."
"Told you so!" James said.
"Okay fine I give up, there is a leprechaun!" Jill shouted. "But the question I want to know is that is there a bathroom around here?"
"I always just go in the woods," the leprechaun said.
"Not an option," Jill said as she continued to dance in place.
"See what we have to deal with," Bill said as he elbowed the leprechaun.
"Well at any rate this is my pot of gold and you can't have it," the leprechaun said.
"Finders keepers," James said.
"So that gives you a right to steal from me?" the leprechaun said. "The rules are that you can only have my gold if you capture me and you didn't capture me."
As the three guys argued with the leprechaun Jill couldn't take it anymore.
"Oh fuck this I can't wait anymore!" Jill said as she grabbed the pot of gold, dumped it out on top of the leprechaun, pulled down her pants and started using the pot like a chamber pot and filling it up. Finally she stood up and pulled up her pants and smiled. "That is so much better. Now as to the matter of you being captured, I think that being pinned under all of that gold means that we have effectively captured you as you are not going anywhere. So I think that that means that we are entitled to take the gold for ourselves."
The four of them began gathering up the gold and putting it into their pockets, purses and anywhere else that they could fit the gold. The leprechaun tried getting up to stop them but Jill just picked up the pot and dumped her pee on top of the leprechaun soaking him from head to toe.
The four of them then walked off with their clothes stuffed to the brim with as much gold as they could carry.
"I'm willing to admit that I was wrong about the leprechaun," Jill said. "And in the end I guess it all turned out pretty well for all of us. But seriously next time we are going to the bathroom first and then we can look for leprechauns afterwards. I think that that's only fair, isn't it?"
"I guess that's fair," said James. "If it weren't for you we wouldn't have gotten the gold anyway."
"Hey when you gotta go it's a strong motivator," said Jill as the four of them had a good laugh as they walked home with pockets full of gold.
The leprechaun meanwhile had to satisfy himself with what Jill had left him with.
The leprechaun shrugged as he rang out his clothing. "Well, I always did want a golden shower!"

That's all for tonight. I don't know when I will update again as I usually do not have that many interesting experiences, but I still have plenty of ideas for fiction, so hopefully I will write more of those if I don't have any new real life experiences to add. I have this really good one about a photo booth desperation story that I am hoping to write sometime in the near future which will probably be the next thing I write unless I have an interesting real-life experience before that. Here's hoping!

I haven't really been into my fetish that much lately so I haven't really amassed any new links, so sorry about that, as I know it's everyone's favorite. But I hope you enjoyed this story and have a happy and desperate St. Patrick's Day! Unlike my character in the story I do not actually drink alcohol but I figured that that is a good situation to set up the story so I hope you enjoyed it.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Some Brief Sightings
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I am updating my blog yet again already like I promised. I actually had two interesting experiences right two days in a row so I have to admit that I am on a huge fetish binge right now, so all those who enjoy my blog I guess will benefit. The first story was from yesterday where I went to the book sale at the library and that when I managed to turn into a full-length story.
The story itself is based on an experience I had but made up to be more interesting. What really happened was that I went to the book sale and by the time it was over I really had to pee pretty badly so I did genuinely let this woman and her daughter go in front of me by going into the restroom more slowly and letting them get ahead of me in line. Unfortunately then the woman and her daughter ended up taking a long time and I already called for my ride to arrive which is only five minutes away so I figured I would just wait until I got home, and that is where it ended. In my story I decided to make it a lot more exciting and interesting by having me getting stuck there for an hour and having to do all sorts of disgusting and horrible things in order to relieve myself in a horrible disgusting toilet. Enjoy. More stories to follow after this one.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
I was excited for the annual book sale at the library and I made sure to arrive bright and early so I would have the best selection. It was really nice but it was unusually crowded as I had never seen it that crowded before. They had plenty of drinks and other stuff as well for anyone who showed up and I found myself unusually thirsty so I made sure to stay well hydrated the entire time I was there.
By the time I was done getting all of my books purchased I noticed that somebody seemed to be staring at me. That was when I noticed that I was sort of very subtly doing the pee pee dance which was rather embarrassing since I was in a very crowded library today and probably lots of people were noticing.
I hadn't even noticed myself that I had to go to the bathroom except I did do a lot of drinking and I kept bending down to look at some of the books on the lower levels and I guess all that pressure on my bladder wasn't going over very well.
I began to feel self-conscious realizing that I was very clearly desperate. Why did I drink so much while I was there?
Luckily the bathroom was just outside so I quickly made my way to the ladies room while carrying my bag full of my purchases with me.
As I was approaching the restroom I saw a woman looking clearly distressed as she was holding her daughter's hand.
"Mommy I have to pee pee!" the little girl said tugging on her mom's hand.
"So does mommy!" she said, clearly very distressed. I saw them heading towards the door and since the mother was being delayed by the daughter I knew that I could definitely get ahead of them and beat them to the restroom.
"I have to go real bad mommy," the little girl said practically with tears in her eyes.
Well my heart wasn't made of stone. As I started towards the door I saw the mother and daughter also going towards the door and while I was ahead of them I decided to pause for a minute and go get a drink at the water fountain. As I drank from the water fountain that reminded me just how I had already filled my bladder and probably should cool it on the liquids.
I wasted no time in getting right into the restroom. I could see that right in front of me were about three other women. There was only one stall, I hadn't anticipated that. In front of the woman and her daughter was one other woman who was impatiently tapping her foot.
Luckily within a short moment the door to the stall opened and the other woman ran in while the mother and her daughter stood there in front of the door waiting impatiently. The mother was crossing her legs while her daughter was jumping up and down and pulling on her mother's arm.
"Mommy I have to pee," the little girl said again. We all have to pee I thought, you don't have to keep bringing it up!
Finally it was their turn and the mother went into the stall with her daughter and closed it behind her. I felt good about letting them go first because they were clearly very desperate, and while I certainly had to go quite badly myself, I had done a good deed by allowing a desperate woman and her desperate daughter to get to the bathroom before me.
I heard the mother lifting her daughter up onto the seat and within a moment I could hear the steady trickle of pee, which certainly didn't help me take focus away from my own rather full bladder!
Then I heard the toilet flush for the first time figuring now it was mom's turn. She sat down and rapidly began a loud hissing pee that was making me positively frantic. Finally she finished up but then I heard a loud plopping noise. How embarrassing for her.
Well hopefully she will be done in a minute, I thought to myself. Five minutes later I was beginning to get a little bit impatient. Hurry up lady, I thought to myself as I heard her daughter mumble something unintelligible.
The mother sure was taking her time. I looked at the watch I kept in my pocket. She must have been at least 10 minutes by now. I felt like knocking on the door but I didn't want to be rude or get myself into a potentially awkward situation.
Finally I heard her get up and heard the toilet paper roll rolling. Then I heard her push down on the flusher but I just had a brief pumping sound but no flush. I heard her press on it again and then again rapidly but nothing was happening.
Finally the door opens and the woman and her daughter exit the stall and go over to the sink trying not to make eye contact with me.
I go into the stall and close it behind me. I turn and I look at the toilet in front of me. Totally unflushed and quite full of both human waste and a large amount of toilet paper. The bitch clogged it!
Okay don't panic, I thought to myself looking at the abominable toilet in front of me. I reluctantly leaned forward and pressed the flusher several times but nothing was happening. No no no, I thought. No way was I sitting my ass down on that thing.
I heard the woman and her daughter exit the restroom and I thought that I had better get out of there myself. Sure I had to pee, but I didn't think I had to pee bad enough to put my ass down with my nether regions hovering just a few inches above the catastrophe that that woman left!
Reluctantly I left the bathroom after briefly washing my hands, not wanting anyone else to encounter me in the restroom and thought that I was the one who clogged up the toilet.
I looked at my watch again. It would be another hour before my ride arrived and I was realizing more and more by the minute I really shouldn't have drank so much earlier!
As I exited the restroom I saw another woman go into the restroom. I went and sat over at a table elsewhere in the library and I could see that the woman came out pretty much right away. Maybe she would tell somebody that the toilet was clogged and they would come and fix it.
I decided to take my mind off of my rapidly expanding bladder that I would go upstairs and look around at some of the books upstairs since I had time to kill. But I also was feeling self-conscious because I couldn't help but notice that I was shifting my weight from leg to leg and it was probably obvious to people what I was doing.
Eventually I grabbed a couple of books and sat down at a table upstairs and crossed my legs. I looked at the clock to see that there was still a good 45 minutes left before my ride would arrive and I wasn't sure that my bladder would be willing to accommodate me. I wasn't going to have an accident, but I was very uncomfortable!
With a half hour to go I was beginning to notice that some of those baked goods that I had eaten earlier were making me have to do more than just pee. No, please no, I thought to myself as I could feel a rumbling in my bowels to accompany the throbbing in my bladder.
I then noticed that I was getting extremely thirsty and although I realized it wasn't a good idea my mouth was so dry that I couldn't stand it anymore so I went down to have another drink at the water fountain. I looked at the door to the ladies room to see that there was no out of order sign or anything on it.
Very reluctantly I went inside to see that there were three women waiting outside the stall. Maybe somebody had unclogged the toilet.
I started to get my hopes up but then one woman went into the toilet, took one look and walked away with a frown. "You probably don't want to use that," she said to the next woman in line.
The next woman got in and closed the door. I expected that she would come right out but then I heard the telltale rustling of clothing and saw her pants dropped to her ankles and heard the sound of her stream splattering against the toilet bowl. She was hovering!
The next woman after her took one look at the toilet shook her head and left.
I quickly ran into the stall and closed the door behind me to see that the toilet was still clogged and now had more toilet paper and a very wet seat. No way was I going to use that, I thought to myself, but then I felt a strong rumbling in my belly. Good God no, I thought.
I knew that there was no avoiding it so I took some toilet paper and as best as I could I tried to wipe up the urine particles from the seat and then very reluctantly sat down and immediately erupted. A steady stream of urine and feces started coming right out of me piling on top of the other woman's toilet clogging atrocity.
Just then I heard somebody else entering the restroom and I could see their ankles from underneath the stall door. I tried as quickly as possible to finish up and then exited without flushing.
I didn't say anything to the woman behind me but I quickly went to the sink and began washing my hands. The other woman didn't bother using the toilet but she gave me sort of a disapproving look.
I slipped out of the bathroom in shame glad that my ride would be there in a couple of minutes. When my ride arrived they asked how things went so I just lied and said just peachy.
This is all just to go to show you that no good deed goes unpunished. Next time I am going to make sure to be in the bathroom first no matter who was behind me!

Hope you enjoyed that story but I have another one to share. Earlier today I went to the Black Panther movie which I had tried to see yesterday but it ended up being sold out because it was so popular. Today I ended up going to one of the later shows that I managed to get into. Now as I have mentioned numerous times, normally when I go to that movie theater I am the only person in the entire theater, but today was totally different because everyone's off for the Presidents' Day weekend, it's a super popular movie, and I went to the evening show. On top of that the entire thing was packed with a predominantly black female audience. Actually I had this really attractive African-American girl next to me with a nice big Afro and she was wearing a BlackLivesMatter T-shirt.
So anyway I get to the movies and it's so crowded that I end up having to sit near the wall, meaning that I was boxed in by all of the people so I can't easily get to the aisle if I needed to go to the bathroom. Generally speaking I don't get up to go to the bathroom during the movie short of an emergency but I was drinking throughout the entire thing as were most of the people in the audience, so you know your bladder builds up either way!
Anyway towards the end of the movie or as the movie went on anyway I noticed that the attractive girl sitting next to me kept crossing and un-crossing her legs. Then eventually I saw that she was tapping her feet a little bit and waving her feet around, the telltale signs of desperation! As it got really near the end of the movie her motions became even more frantic and you could tell that even though she was enjoying herself watching the movie she was probably getting pretty eager for it to end.
So the movie ends after a good 2 1/2 hours and all the people on the other side of the aisle blocking my exit out get up and start heading towards the exit. Of course I know that these Marvel movies always have lots of stuff after the credits so I stay seated with a whole bunch of other people who also realize that. But the vast majority of people, again it was a full theater with a predominantly female audience, left pretty much as soon as the credits started rolling, getting a head start to the bathroom.
Finally the after credits scene is over so I get up with the remaining people who are all heading towards the bathroom as well. Now of course when I get there there was a big line of like 20 minutes the door or something like that or 20 women altogether. That's what happens when you wait until the very end to be the last one out of the theater when everyone is charging towards the bathroom.
So I get towards the very end of the line, being one of the last people out of the theater, and just as I am getting in the very very back of the line I see the attractive girl from before who was sitting next to me coming out of the room just striding with a huge smile on her face as she was clearly very much relieved. I have to say seeing that was just like a punch to the bladder!
Now here I might be reading more into the situation than was actually going on since I don't really interpret social cues very well. But clearly she was waiting for other people in the bathroom, so she was waiting leaning against the wall right across from me and everything and she was just sort of like looking at me every few minutes and smiling. Maybe she just thought it was funny because I was watching her desperate in the movie theater and now she was watching me desperate at the very end of a long line. But eventually her friends came out of the bathroom and she left and I was probably waiting in line for a good 20 minutes before finally getting to go (17 minutes actually, I had a watch!).
Of course as usual the men's room is right across from the ladies room was 100% completely empty. I even took a peek inside to see if anyone was in there because I didn't see anyone coming and it seemed like it was the same as I remember it from the last time I peeked inside, with three urinals and two stalls. I felt kind of weird looking inside like that but I was still curious. Once again the ladies room only has two working stalls at this movie theater so although there is usually no one there when you get a big crowd like this it really makes a pretty big difference!
So as a result of these two experiences two days in a row I have been massively focused on my fetish and it's starting to cut into my productivity streak that I have been on all year long, so I'm probably going to try harder to cut back on my fetish, but even in just the last few days since I last updated you can see I have looked at a tremendous amount of websites because my links section this time is going to be rather lengthy, so I hope you enjoy. Maybe I will end up writing some story about these Amsterdam urinals as well, as those must be extremely frustrating.
I was also thinking a lot about my poop redistribution scenario and all of that in regards to a lot of all these bathroom inequalities. And one of the things that I was thinking was that it would probably be the absolute worst in the beginning when they first make the announcement once people realize what is happening. I can just imagine being with my family as they make the announcement that it seems like most people are never pooping again and there I am pooping forever a lot LOL. It actually gave me an idea for the beginning of the novel, and I do intend to make this a novel eventually.
It made me think of my mother that when she was alive I used to always joke with her whenever she went out to a public place whether she pooped in the restroom, which of course she always said no because she would avoid public bathrooms like the plague. If my scenario happened I guess it would be frustrating because I would know that of course she never pooped in a public restroom because like the majority of people she wouldn't have to poop! Me on the other hand would have to do so basically everywhere I go, and the reversal of dynamics would just be purely hysterical.
I'm also thinking that in the beginning people would probably be having all sorts of party celebrating the fact that nobody had to poop anymore, which would be really frustrating for those who actually still did. I could picture my friends having a no Shit party and inviting me and giving me gifts of toilet seats and toilet paper like they did that one time I was sick in the hospital! I would appreciate the humor, but it would still be pretty frustrating!
But I have to get going now anyway, so I will leave you with everybody's favorite, the links, of which I have many because I have been looking at them all night for the last two nights! I vow that tomorrow I will try much harder to be more productive and not just completely focused on my fetish, but for those of you who enjoy this blog I guess that you are pretty glad that I can't focus my mind on anything else right now!

-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9ECLNyDo3k (San Francisco giants ladies restroom)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjCYWm_-bQ8 (Peep no more - MLB Tradeshow)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4_3rLzOfXw (Who Spends the Most Time on the Toilet?)
-https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/07/170714142749.htm (It turns out there are three main causes for the difference in waiting time between men and women. A first factor explaining why women wait longer is that the net number of toilets for women is smaller than that for men. This is because the total surface area is often divided equally while a toilet cabin inevitably takes up more space than a urinal. Overall, an average toilet area can accommodate 20 to 30% more toilets for men (urinals + cabins) than for women.
A second reason is that according to scientific studies women spend one and a half up to two times as long on the toilet. The reasons are mostly practical. In contrast to a urinal, a door must be opened and closed twice, a toilet seat needs cleaning, and more and more difficult clothes have to be taken off and on. This results in an average time spent at the toilet of 1 minute for men and 1 minute and 30 seconds for women.
A third factor is the overall activity at the restroom. As long as it's not too busy, the overall effect of ladies having a smaller number of toilets and spending more time on those toilets does not lead to long queues. However when for example everybody heads home, more women arrive at the toilets than the system can handle. This condition amplifies the above effects and results in outrageous waiting times for women.
Based on these three major causes, 6 different but comparable layouts were simulated using a scenario of alternating busy and calm periods. A layout with comparable waiting times for men and women is possible, yet requires that for each male toilet at least one and a half and up to two female toilets are present. The holy grail, however, is to use unisex toilets. In these mixed toilets layouts, the toilet cabins are available for both sexes and optionally complemented with extra urinals for the men. As sharing the toilet capacity across sexes is more efficient, the average waiting time decreases. The available toilet surface can be used most efficiently when an ideally balanced layout with about two cabins per urinal is chosen. In this layout, men are still privileged, but to a much lesser extent than in the basic situation. The overall waiting time is reduced with 63%, which cannot be achieved by any other mixed layout, and definitely not by a separated layout.)
-http://parisjourney.com/toilets-in-paris-before-you-go-you-should-know (Finding toilets in Paris)
-https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/health/toilet-tricks (Finding toilets in Europe)
-http://www.mlive.com/business/west-michigan/index.ssf/2014/04/potty_parity_on_its_way_at_dev.html (Potty parity)
-https://www.mediamatic.net/en/page/233836/potty-parity-what-does-it-mean (More potty parity)
-https://www.citylab.com/equity/2015/07/peeing-is-not-a-crime/399068/ (Legalize peeing!)
-https://news.illinois.edu/view/6367/198691 (Do we need potty parity)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQgLn-ju-VE (What is POTTY PARITY? What does POTTY PARITY mean? POTTY PARITY meaning, definition & explanation)
-http://www.kansascity.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/syndicated-columnists/article172157042.html (Potty parity at stadiums)
-https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2017/09/24/women-should-pop-a-squat-for-equality-teitel.html (wow Amsterdam is not a good place if you are a woman who needs to pee! "It turns out that going to the bathroom in the Netherlands’ capital isn’t always an easy thing to do for women, because while the city is home to 35 public urinals for men, it boasts only three public toilets designated for women. According to a story in the Guardian this week, Amsterdam’s loo-dearth led to the recent punishment of 23-year-old Geerte Piening, who was out one night with her friends when she had to pee. Unable to locate a nearby women’s bathroom, Piening did what thousands of men do every day: she relieved herself on a side street.")
-https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/potty-parity-2015-too-many-dudes-not-enough-toilets-at-amazon/ (Reverse potty parity lol)
-https://www.treehugger.com/bathroom-design/terrific-toilets-built-aspen-charles-cunniffe-architects.html (And in fact, when you look at the plans, men get four fixtures and women only get three. This is the reverse of "Potty Parity", where women get more fixtures than men. According to Laura Bliss in Citylab,
Research shows women take on average twice as long as men in the restroom, yet it is the rare public space that provides equal access. An insufficient number of women's restrooms regularly results in mind-bogglingly disproportionate wait times, leading to countless minutes wasted at sports arenas, movie theaters, and perhaps worst of all, the office.
Clearly it is also the case in parks.)
-https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/home-and-garden/design/potty-parity-public-bathroom-redesigns-aim-to-flush-old-gender-norms/article29100856/ (The dingy stalls were built so the fairer sex could piddle out of sight. Even when they won the battle for washrooms, women lost: in a restroom of equal size, urinals take up less space than stalls, so men still have more places to go.
"You know it does take me a little longer," Clinton quipped upon her return to the podium, and the statistics back her up: according to research, women take about twice as long on the toilet as men – 90 seconds, on average, compared to 45 seconds. Cue the lame joke: Women! Always primping in the bathroom! Rather, blame clothing, anatomy, menstruation and children in tow, along with the fact that women make up more of the elderly population, and the washroom line is soon snaking out the door.
In a British study on publicly accessible toilets, Bichard calculated that in one five-minute period, in bathrooms of equal size, 30 men will have gone for every 12 women. This has led some jurisdictions to pass "potty parity" laws, requiring twice as many toilets for women as men.)
-http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/13/sports/baseball/13potty.html (Old classic)
-https://www.economist.com/blogs/analects/2012/03/toilet-parity (Potty parity in China)
-https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/07/politics-sanitation-why-we-urgently-need-more-public-toilets (But they were always gendered and the beneficiaries were men, says Prof Greed: fewer than half were for women, even though women take longer and have more complex sanitary needs, from undoing clothing to menstruation. She calculates that we need a ratio of two to one in favour of women to create equal access. “Women are likely to outnumber men in ratio of 65 to 35 in shopping areas and up to 80 to 20 in busy shopping malls,” yet in town centres at “best” (in rare instances) provision is likely to be half and half, “and more typically, on a 70 to 30 ratio in favour of men”. Women’s toilet time is compounded by menstruation – a quarter of women may be menstruating at any one time.
Clara Greed explains that the 1936 Public Health Act, which allows (but does not mandate) local authorities to provide public toilets, permitted them to charge fees “other than for urinals”. So, toilets for women were seen as a “special burden”, until the 2010 Equality Act allowed charging both men and women. )
-http://www.fanfirstmag.com/gameday/why-lines-for-the-restroom-are-about-to-get-shorter/ (Restroom lines get shorter for women)
-https://onmilwaukee.com/seasonal/festivals/articles/summerfestbathrooms.html (Women use men's room)
-https://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2017/05/29/the-real-drama-boston-theater-district-intermission-dash-for-ladies-room/icvj9ZMr4mwGUCNLJ1hF2M/story.html (That ratio appeared to hold up on a recent weekend in Boston. At a recent Annie matinee at the Wang, the audience was dominated by moms, grandmas, and little girls dressed as Annie.
When intermission hit, the angst outside the mezzanine ladies room was palpable.
“I am really stressed,” said Beth McLaughlin, of Raynham. She was 52nd in line. )
-https://keepypsiblack.org/2016/03/27/women-waiting-in-public-toilet-lines/ (If you’re a woman, chances are you’ve a) spent time fidgeting in a long line waiting to use a public toilet, b) delayed a bodily function because you don’t want to or haven’t the time to waste standing in line to use a public toilet, c) considered sneaking into a men’s room—illegal in some places, or d) cursed loudly because of all of the above.
Faced with a long restroom line that spiraled up and around a circular stairwell at a recent museum visit, I opted not to wait. Why do we put up with this? This isn’t a minor pet peeve, but a serious question. Despite years of “potty parity” laws, women are still forced to stand in lines at malls, schools, stadiums, concerts, fair grounds, theme parks, and other crowded public spaces. This is frustrating, uncomfortable, and, in some circumstances, humiliating. It’s also a form of discrimination, as it disproportionately affects women.
After counting the women, I tweeted, “Dear @britishmuseum there are FIFTY women and girls standing in line for the loo while the men’s room has zero line #everydaysexism.” Immediately, people responded with the suggestion that women use the men’s room. But even more responses were defensive, along the lines of “How on god’s green earth did you arrive at the conclusion that this was sexist?”
Let me count the ways.
Women need to use bathrooms more often and for longer periods of time because: we sit to urinate (urinals effectively double the space in men’s rooms), we menstruate, we are responsible for reproducing the species (which makes us pee more), we continue to have greater responsibility for children (who have to use bathrooms with us), and we breastfeed (frequently in grotty bathroom stalls). Additionally, women tend to wear more binding and cumbersome clothes, whereas men’s clothing provides significantly speedier access. But in a classic example of the difference between surface “equality” and genuine equity, many public restrooms continue to be facilities that are equal in physical space, while favoring men’s bodies, experiences, and needs.
When spaces are changed so that everyone experiences equal waiting time, backlash has been quick. In 2004, for example, new rules resulted in men waiting in line to use the bathrooms at Soldier Field in Chicago. They complained until five women’s rooms were converted to men’s. The result was that, once again, women’s wait times doubled. No protests have yielded a commensurate response to reduce them. That women are socialized to quietly deal with physical discomfort, pain, and a casual disregard for their bodily needs is overlooked in the statements, “No one is making them wait,” or “Why don’t they demand changes?” Last year, when writer Jessica Valenti made the sensible argument that tampons should be free in public bathrooms, the way toilet paper is, it resulted in a misogynistic hate-fest.
-https://julespgsite.com/2014/10/12/belle-parole-non-pascon-i-gatti-or-fine-words-dont-feed-cats/ (Here’s a fun fact: Women’s lines to the toilette are just as long, if not longer, in Rome. The men whiz in and out as usual while we, the child containers, resulting in heavily-bladder-affected women must simply stand and move slowly. Much like cows to milking we shuffle to a small room with maybe two stalls. Each appears made for a fit, petite woman. Seat covers? Ha. Squat or get wet with unidentifiable urine. Half the time there are no seats with which to sit, if you do that sort of thing. Great for your thighs though!)
-http://activistswithattitude.com/toilets-why-women-cant-wait/ (In places with adequate, modern plumbing, it’s about demanding “potty parity.” What woman hasn’t known inconvenience and discomfort when waiting in crazy long lines at a public restroom, often with little kids in tow, trying to “hold it,” worrying over the first twinge of menstrual cramps or a crucial vote pending: women serving in the U.S. House of Representatives didn’t have a restroom of their own until 2011. Before that, they had to tinkle with the tourists in a room clear across Statuary Hall, far from the House Chamber.)
-https://www.thecut.com/2017/01/hidden-figures-shows-how-a-bathroom-break-can-change-history.html (I loved that this movie had numerous desperation scenes in it!)
-https://www.citylab.com/equity/2014/11/the-lack-of-equal-bathroom-access-for-women-is-a-global-design-flaw/382418/ (Research shows women take on average twice as long as men in the restroom, yet it is the rare public space that provides equal access. An insufficient number of women's restrooms regularly results in mind-bogglingly disproportionate wait times, leading to countless minutes wasted at sports arenas, movie theaters, and perhaps worst of all, the office.)
-https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/bitstream/handle/2142/11713/Anthony%20JPL.pdf?sequence=4 (Research on potty parity)
-https://www.simplemost.com/scientists-figured-out-why-womens-restroom-line-longer-mens/ (Stalls take up more space than urinals do, so a men’s bathroom can, on average, actually accommodate 20 to 30 percent more users than the same-sized women’s bathroom.
Losing just one toilet space in a bathroom can increase the wait time by about 172 percent, according to the researchers.
Women spend more time in the restroom, generally due to practical reasons, with women taking 1.5 to two times as long in the bathroom as men do.
3. Less Space + More Time Spent = Longer Lines
The third reason, researchers found, was how busy restrooms were.
Since women had less space and took longer in the bathroom, busy periods—such as during lunch breaks or at the end of a work day—amplified wait times for women.
In other words, it’s already worse for women than men. But when the system is stressed—say at the end of a sporting event—the wait times for women get out of control.
After identifying the reasons behind women’s longer wait times, the researchers used several simulated layouts in order to try and fix the problem.
The scientists believe this solution can cut the average wait time from about 6 minutes to less than 90 seconds!
Of course, there’s been lots of debate about unisex bathrooms recently. But just for a minute, set aside your political beliefs, and think of all those poor woman silently mouthing “I gotta pee” to each other while they wait in mile-long lines.
"Women wait 6 1/2 minutes on average, men 11 seconds." The video shows that by slightly increasing the men's wait by a couple of minutes or a few seconds even you can decrease the women's wait to something reasonable. Of course that would mean a very slightly increased wait for men so I guess this will happen on the 12th of never LOL.)
-http://lazydayandsundays.blogspot.com/2010/06/truth-about-womans-restroom.html (Old classic)
-https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/04/the-private-lives-of-public-bathrooms/360497/ (The IPA has a term for “poop-shyness” as well: parcopresis. But this isn’t a medically recognized condition, and is less of an issue for most people, according to Soifer. The relative infrequency of bowel movements means people can usually time them for when they’re in a bathroom that makes them comfortable. In rare cases, like dorm bathrooms, people like Sanchez may not have that option.
Soifer doesn’t deal much with parcopresis—he says he’s rarely seen someone who has both it and paruresis. “People call me Dr. Pee, and I tell them I don’t want to be Dr. Poop as well,” he says. “It’s too much.”
It is well-known, even among women who have never had occasion to use a urinal, that it is expected that men not use a urinal directly next to someone else. (Some women I’ve spoken with have said they prefer to have an empty stall as a buffer between themselves and others also, but it is a much stronger norm in men’s bathrooms.
“I was forced to poop while other girls were showering,” she says. “Probably for four days I just refused to poop, which is obviously unhealthy. And I was apparently not the only one. Some other girl on my program got sent to the hospital because she went seven days without releasing the contents of her colon.”
Though, depending on the extremeness of someone’s paruresis, they may never be comfortable using a public bathroom, design can help. A frequent complaint I’ve heard (not just from paruretics) is that American stall doors don’t reach from floor to ceiling, as many European ones do. According to Soifer, more substantial urinal dividers help immensely as well.
“My favorite public restrooms to go to are movie theaters, bars, and really loud restaurants,” Sanchez says. “At the movie theater there’s always, like, 1000 people in the bathroom, so nobody knows which stream is my stream. At bars they always have music playing, so that sort of cancels out my stream.”)
-https://imgur.com/gallery/P2F5y (soychelsea3 ptsMay 5 2015
Went to a Beyonce concert once, there was no way I was risking the wait line for the female restroom.
ZaphodBbx3 ptsMay 5 2015
A men's room can certainly 'serve more customers' per hour than an equal sized/equipped women's room. They should probably be larger...)
-http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/unisex-bathrooms-eliminate-long-restroom-lines-women-article-1.3332829 (For women, the wait went from just over six minutes to less than a minute and a half, the "queueing theorists," or line experts, from the school saw. They investigated how to battle the "female-unfriendly toilet culture" and spotted three main reasons for the queue disparity.
Men have more toilet options than women. The net number of stalls and urinals combined provides men with 20 to 30% more total toilet options in public bathrooms. Urinals take up less surface area on a wall than stalls, affording men more options.
And because women’s rooms tend to have fewer places to make a deposit, during crunch times such as intermission or the end of a game, "more women arrive at the toilets than the system can handle," the study said.
While toying with their six models, the researchers saw that if the bathrooms remained separate, women required five more toilets than the men — a space increase for the ladies' room and a decrease for the men's — in order for their wait times to be more proportionate. Another scenario where the women's room also needs to be larger to accommodate two more stalls, men still got in and out in under 40 seconds while the women waited for nearly two and a half minutes.)
-https://deadspin.com/oilers-eliminate-womens-bathrooms-to-improve-experience-1794892001 (Evil but amusing, probably posted this before.
It is entirely possible that there are simply not enough toilets at the Edmonton Oilers’ arena to accommodate playoff-sized crowds. Bathroom lines are an unfortunate, although not outrageous, side effect of popular sporting events, or really any large gathering of people downing beers. But the Oilers managed to go beyond simply inconveniencing their fans when they decided to convert two women’s restrooms into men’s restrooms for Game 3 of their Western Conference semifinal Sunday night.
The Oilers claimed that a survey of season ticket holders showed that attendance of playoff games skewed male, which led to a lot of male fans complaining about long bathroom lines, an issue the Oilers initially tried to solve by adjusting the queue formation. The team didn’t provide any hard data to back the claim of an unequal gender split, and when they tried changing the bathrooms to better accommodate the men, women were left complaining about long lines.)
-http://www.vancourier.com/opinion/shame-the-lack-of-johns-translink-crosses-its-legs-over-public-toilets-1.23180799 ( And, if I may digress a bit further, I am also well aware that when it comes to washrooms in most theatres, the facilities available are more commodious to the needs of men than women. Hard to imagine a toilet design would be sexist. But that is the only way to explain why men rarely have to line up after a movie or during a performance intermission while women are often backed up seemingly endlessly.
I recall engaging in an animated exchange of views on this issue with the impresario Garth Drabinsky while I was hosting a radio show on CKNW and before Drabinsky was sent off to prison. It coincided with his opening of the new Ford Centre, now the Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts in downtown Vancouver. The subject of our discussion was the fact the toilet allocation for women was so inadequate, the intermission was not long enough for many to do what they had to do before the performance recommenced.)
-https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/21/protests-planned-amsterdam-urinals-women-toilets (Who planned the public toilets? Women have smaller bladders, and need the toilet more!
How is 3 toilets for 35 urinals equal to men being faced with the same problem?
I'm not saying I think that 35 is necessarily a perfect number but 3 is not even close.
Purely cost? Purely? It's 35 public toilets for men to the piddling 3 for women. Is it the platinum? Is it the gold?
The sexism part is women getting fined even though they have fewer options for "legal" peeing than men do, and then getting told by a male judge to just use the men's facilities, even if it means soaking your clothes in urine and/or baring your undercarriage for all to see (the urinal walls don't reach the street).
It is pretty bad for women's toilets after 3am in central Amsterdam and those that are open charge 50c for women so there's still discrimination even when everything is open. In this lady's shoes, I'd have gone to the Vondelpark as it's only 5 mins from Leidseplein and there's plenty of bushes near the main entrance. It's not ideal but better than €140 on a fine. And before anyone suggests using the public male urinals, even the men don't like using them as they're pretty grim come 3am thanks to the over powering stench, questionable male aim abilities leaving them dripping and dodgy drainage allowing puddles to form.
Well, that's just silly. 35 public urinals for men, and only three toilets for women? What were they thinking of? And away with the judge and his silly remarks. What if the men in a men's toilet objected to a woman using their toilet?
35 public urinals for men, and only three toilets for women?
Because outdoor urinals are cheap and easy to build as opposed to enclosed toilets for women (And indeed, the article says nothing about the number of enclosed toilets for men). Public urinals are obviously designed for drunks at night time, as keep in mind that men can't defecate into a urinal (men need a proper toilet for that too).
Since the article didn't mention anything about toilets for men, does that mean there are 3 toilets for women, and 0 toilets for men? That's another gender imbalance that would have to be addressed.
What if the men in a men's toilet objected to a woman using their toilet
First of all, they are designed to be used by one person at a time. If you are using a public urinal, no one else is close to you to object.
Secondly, they're actually not designed specifically for men. Women can use them too, if they use the little funnel thing that allows women to pee standing up.
I love the "male" symbol on the side, as if they needed to tell women that.
How many public toilets for men are there? The article says there are 3 for women, but no mention of how many there are for men. Please note that a public urinal barely even qualifies as being a toilet; it's just a quick-fix solution to stop drunk people peeing everywhere. There are situations in which men need a proper toilet, just as women do.
Also note that the public urinals are not specifically for men. There is no rule that says only men are allowed to use them. Women are free to use them too. The only issue is that they're often designed to be used when standing up, but there are devices that allow women to do that.
As I explained, those are urinals, not toilets.
Men need toilets too. There are plenty of (very obvious) situations in which a public urinal is insufficient for what men need.
So the question, again, is how many public toilets are there for men? The article says 3 toilets for women, but does this match the number of toilets available for men? The real issue could simply be a lack of toilets in general.
TheKingofHolland pj8787
21 Sep 2017 10:25
8 9
Pretty sure those three toilets aren't exclusive to women, and as I pointed out above, those devices you mention don't work in practice.
Why are you trying to turn this issue into something that affects men?
aldebaranredstar pj8787
21 Sep 2017 12:30
5 6
Men and women pee differently due to different physical characteristics (sexual dimorphism). A urinal allows men to pee but not women (as is obvious to all--er, almost all.) if men also want to poo--they are in the same situation as women in they have the same basic butt anatomy, so yes, both sexes are being deprived of adequate facilities on the poo side. However, I think it's fair to say most people pee more often in a day than they poo. Going into the poo dimension would seem to fail to address the need for more egalitarian public pee facilities.
21 Sep 2017 10:03
55 56
I'm going to invite negative comments here but..... there should be more women's loos then men's.
This is because of the delights of childbearing which leave 54% of women (in the UK) with some degree of urinary incontinence. Think about it, half the women around wet themselves.
Women are also far more likely to have children with them and we all know how children are great at yelling you with plenty of notice.
canprof saveourcountryside
21 Sep 2017 10:43
21 22
Don't forget menstruation, too. Not only does that mean we have to visit the toilets for something other than urination/defecation, but I'm sure I'm not the only one that seems to have a bladder the size of a mouse for a week out of every month.
rebel7 MummyQB
21 Sep 2017 10:44
9 10
As a man-I agree. Women's facilities need to outnumber men's. Simply because for some reason women take longer and need more room. Install one urinal and 100 men can piss in the time it takes 25 women to use one toilet.
rebel7 pj8787
21 Sep 2017 12:39
5 6
1. Fully functional restrooms will include BOTH toilets and urinals. However, the vast majority of both sexes use public facilities only for pissing. Hence the need for men's urinals.
2. Whether women choose to be slow at pissing or are genetically slower I don't care. Lets just accept it as fact that it takes women longer. I don't have any burden to force women through the queue at a faster pace. Better to make architecture serve the public rather than the public accommodate bad architecture.
21 Sep 2017 10:22
19 20
There's even a shortage at Schipol airport.
Last year when I connected at the Schengen terminal a woman came into the men's toilet and joined the queue (she made the third) for the WC's.
The men ignored her.
Leaving , I noticed that the queue for the women's toilet extended outside to the tune of six.
rebel7 Waeki
21 Sep 2017 13:50
1 2
"To the toilet and the sewers it is all the same no matter who uses it."
Not true. Waterless urinals, or men who don't flush urinals put far less liquid load on the sewer system than toilets.
"Get rid of those stand up urinal in the men's and both male and female can wait together for their turn in the cabins."
Environmentally irresponsible to force half the population to flush 2.5 litres of pure, drinking water into the sewer system with every piss when the male half of the population could be using urinals requiring zero flush. You're taking this equality thing waaaaay beyond any logical application.
21 Sep 2017 10:43
8 9
Must be an Amsterdam thing.Here in the USA it seems that 95% of the time there is never a line for the mens room BUT nearly 100% of the time there is a line for the womens room.Why would an area have less womens rooms the mens?? And send a woman into a mens room is not a safe thing to do.Strange story..
difarn sirmike
21 Sep 2017 10:54
4 5
A lot of the queues outside the womens toilets here in the UK are attributed to the fact that most of the time, not all, many of them also have their children with them so obviously they need more time.
21 Sep 2017 10:56
4 5
If 35 urinals works for men then to provide equal accommodation to women they'll need about 140 toilets.
21 Sep 2017 11:00
5 6
I must admit I often use the men's toilets since the women's ones are always so busy (and so dirty) with massive waiting time queuing. Now of course with 35 urinals vs 3 loos there is a big problem!!
21 Sep 2017 12:37
6 7
In New York City, men use walls or phone booths and women use the spaces between parked cars. There are also lots of pee bottles left on the street by taxi drivers, who pay a huge fine if they get caught with one in their cab. In other words, public toilets here are almost completely non-existent.
It's good that women in Amsterdam are demanding the construction of public toilets, -hopefully they will be victorious and then come to New York to continue their struggle- but the urinals that do exist in Amsterdam should be celebrated, not protested against.
21 Sep 2017 12:44
12 13
I needed a wee in Amsterdam (I was steaming at the time) and went into the shopping centre I was near at the time. It was 50¢ to use the loo so decided it would be a good idea to leap over the barrier. Went down like a sack of shi# and set the sensor off. Lay on the deck whilst security loomed over me. Anyways- more loos for the ladies!!
OnionMuffin Laplace_Transforms
21 Sep 2017 14:04
16 17
It's a massive issue for women that need a wee after closing time and have nowhere to go.
Can't you see the unfairness in having endless urinals but very few facilities for women? Or were you so keen to bash feminists that the disparity passed you by?
21 Sep 2017 13:52
17 18
Yes the women are right, especially as they usually have the kids, and babies to be changed, and pregnant women need to go often. There are recorded attacks even in women's toilets by predators who lurk there or follow them in --it is easier for witnesses to notice a man coming out of a women's restroom. Imagine for tourists from some cultures in the woman goes to the men's room -- the would be called prostitutes and dishonouring the family etc etc. Unbelievable they have only 3 toilets. And if she gets attacked in a men's restroom after pub hours, then she will be asked why she was there and of course she was inviting attack. They can't win can they?
-http://hunkydee.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/strange-you-pee-outside-in-amsterdam.html?m=1 (Street urinals in Amsterdam)
-http://www.euronews.com/2017/09/23/dutch-women-snap-selfies-in-public-urinals-to-protest-lack-of-female-toilets (Women protest lack of places to pee in Amsterdam)
-http://www.bbc.com/news/world-41999792 (100 Women: How the 'urinary leash' keeps women at home. Public institutions, including educational buildings, workplaces and recreational spaces, were designed around the needs of men. Women tried to cope with the lack of toilets in a variety of ways, including drinking less water, holding in urine for hours, and spending less time in public spaces, says Meghan R Dufresne, architectural designer at the Institute for Human Centred Design in Boston in the US.
"Buildings were mostly designed by male engineers which meant there was very little understanding of the sociological aspect of toilets. It is considered less space consuming to build urinals than cubicles and even till this day most countries have more toilets for men than women," says Dr Greed.)
-https://twitter.com/theloolady?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.euronews.com%2F2017%2F09%2F23%2Fdutch-women-snap-selfies-in-public-urinals-to-protest-lack-of-female-toilets (Cool Twitter page)
-https://twitter.com/LondonLooTours (Likewise)
-https://blogs.adb.org/blog/last-woman-standing-toilet-equality-men-and-women (Research shows that the average time a woman spends in a toilet is 90 seconds, and 5-10 minutes if she is with a child. Men only spend an average 35 seconds in the urinal and 60 seconds overall. A woman spends more time in the toilet not because it’s a fun place to hang out, but due to biological, social, and cultural gender norms. Women must sit down while men can stand up. Women have to remove more clothing than men, whose clothing provides faster access. Changing a diaper or a sanitary napkin involves a number of steps and takes time. When women "hold it," they risk developing cystitis and urinary tract infections that may cause low birth weight in babies. Women usually need to carry more things than men, they menstruate, they must use the toilet more frequently when they are pregnant, and when they are breastfeeding. These are all biological functions that women cannot control. Lastly, women on average live longer than men, and older and disabled women need more time to get in and out of toilets. Why, then, should women have to wait longer than men to access a toilet?)
-https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/education/2017/10/12/usd-law-school-doesnt-have-enough-toilets-women-students-say/757245001/ (The law school building has a total of seven toilets for women. Men's restroom facilities have seven toilets and six urinals, roughly doubling the number of bathroom options for men.)
-http://www.feministcurrent.com/2017/09/21/whats-current-women-protest-lack-public-female-toilets-amsterdam/ (Amsterdam’s has 35 public urinals for men but only three public toilets for women. Recently, a woman who was fined for public urination was scolded by a judge who said that, despite the lack of toilets available for women, she should have made use of the facilities made available to men. Women are planning to protest the lack of female toilets on Friday.)

Paying to Pee in Paris
desperate avatar

Hey peeeople. I am updating my blog once again earlier than I normally do. I haven't had any new interesting experiences and I had one type of disappointment when I found out one of my online holding friends wasn't who they seemed to be, but I will address that in a different update. For now I will just say that I have been doing a lot more of my serious non-fetish related writing and that I have been very successful in keeping my New Year's resolution all year long so far. I have yet to miss a day and I have managed to produce at least one story every single day this year so far, and I also haven't been sick. A couple of times I just barely got it by the skin of my teeth by writing something really short and perhaps not that great, but I still kept it!
I was going to wait until tomorrow to update this originally thinking that maybe I would encounter a bathroom line at the movies or something like that, but I actually was going to write another story that I might write tomorrow, so I might end up updating this blog really rapidly. Despite the fact that I have been more productive lately the last week or so I have really gotten back into my fetish again and I figure that writing a fetish story is better than breaking my resolution in writing no story whatsoever.
The following stories once again completely fictional but was inspired with a conversation I had earlier tonight incidentally with someone named Liam who was telling me about the toilet situation in Paris and how most of the toilets in Paris are pay toilets but urinals are free, which is pretty unfair! Basically the women have to pay to use the cubicles while the men can easily use the urinals for free! This conversation was brought up when I mentioned how in New York City when I was really young I remember that they had a situation where you could use the urinals for free in this restaurant but you need a pay toilet to use the actual toilet and even at that age I thought that that was rather unfair! But that led to the conversation that ultimately inspired the story so I hope that you will enjoy this story that I call paying to pee in Paris. Enjoy!
Paying to Pee in Paris
"I have to say that Paris is a very lovely city," I said as I looked around. "I honestly cannot see anything objectionable about the city. Anyway where's the bathroom? I really have to pee!"
"I think that they are over here," Liam said as we walked over to the bathroom area near the Eiffel tower. "The bathrooms here are unisex from what I hear."
"Then hopefully there won't be any line at the ladies room," I said as I followed Liam into the restroom area.
"There are some urinals over there," Liam said as he walked towards the urinals. "It looks like the cubicles are over there."
I quickly got on line for the cubicles to find that as usual there was a long line of women while the men were just rapidly using the trough urinals that they had across the adjacent wall. I guess the people in Paris were less shy about these things as it was rather funny to see a bunch of men peeing in the urinals right next to a large line of women waiting for the cubicles.
I could see that some women were pointing at the men at the urinals and laughing and a couple seemed like they were taking pictures with their iPhones. I guess there's nothing better to do while waiting in line for the bathroom!
Personally I just found the whole situation frustrating. I had to pee, pretty damn bad, and having all the men a few feet away just hissing away in the trough very loudly was making me increasingly frantic.
"Well that was refreshing," Liam said as he walked over to me in the long line of women.
"Christ that was like only a minute or two, I haven't even moved up a single place in line!" I said as I crossed my legs.
"Well if you value efficiency over privacy an open urinal like that is no problem. I actually didn't mind being out in the open with everybody looking at me."
"Well I need privacy to go to the bathroom so I guess I have to wait for the damn cubicles." I stuck out my tongue.
After what seemed like a wait that was probably not as long as it seemed due to the fact that my bladder was so full, I was finally at the front of the line where I saw the cubicle and saw that it was a pay to use toilet.
"A pay toilet! Why should I have to pay to use the cubicle when all of the men can pee in the urinals for free?!"
I got out of the line without using the toilet and rejoined Liam.
"Feeling better?" he asked.
"No, I didn't get to go." I folded my arms in annoyance and started tapping my foot.
"Why the hell not? You waited all that time."
"Because it's totally unfair, why should I have to pay to go to the bathroom when you are able to pee for free?"
"If you needed some money to pay for the toilets you could have asked me."
"It's not about the money, it's about the principle. If you can pee for free I should be able to pee for free."
"I don't think it's expensive or anything."
"Again that's not the point, the point is I am not going to pay to use the facilities that you were able to use for free."
"Well what are you going to do then?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well you still have to pee don't you?"
"Yeah I have to go pretty badly actually," I said with some nervous laughter as I shifted my legs a little bit.
"So you're just going to leave without using the bathroom?"
"I told you I'm not going to pay for a toilet that you were able to use for free."
Liam shrugged his shoulders. "Well it's your bladder, although you look like you had to go pretty badly."
"Oh I do, but I'm still not going to pay for the privilege. I'll just wait until we find a toilet that isn't a pay toilet."
"There aren't really that many like that in Paris."
"Really?" I said as I suddenly felt nervousness in the pit of my stomach. "But I mean am sure we'll find one eventually."
"Well yeah eventually we will probably find one, but it might be quite a wait."
"You really think it will be a long time before we find one?" I said, not wanting to waver in my resolve, but slowly starting to regret my decision.
"Are you sure you don't want to go back and just use the pay toilet? I can loan you some change."
"Again it's not about the money, it's about the principle." I said stomping down my foot in defiance before crossing my legs again because that stomping of my foot did not feel very good on my bladder!
Liam shrugged his shoulders again. "Well it's your bladder, but you might end up having to hold it for a long time."
"I am sure that we will find a place that has bathrooms."
We decided that we would go down to a gift shop not far from the Eiffel tower which supposedly had lots of good souvenirs. As Liam started looking around the souvenir store I started looking all over for a bathroom.
"Excuse me but where is the ladies room?" I asked one of the people who worked there.
"Sorry restrooms are for staff only," he said.
"Do you think maybe you could just make one exception?" I said not even bothering to hide the fact that I was putting a lot of weight on one foot to try and take the pressure off my bladder.
"Sorry it is store policy."
"But it's an emergency!" I said raising my voice but trying not to shout.
"There's a pay toilet down the street," he said pointing at the door.
"Thanks," I said as he walked away before muttering under my breath, "for nothing."
"Hey are you ready to go," Liam said as he tapped me on the shoulder.
"Oh I am definitely ready to go," I said laughing as I placed emphasis on the word go.
We left the store to find that it was now raining outside which certainly didn't help help my situation. I looked down the street where I could clearly see the pay toilets.
"What are you looking at Jill?" Liam asked as he saw me staring off into the distance.
"Nothing I'm just admiring the city, it really is a beautiful city."
"Yeah I know, there isn't a single thing about the city that I don't like."
I could think of something, I thought to myself as I very discreetly crossed my legs and put my hands in my pockets.
"Well let us catch the bus to go downtown," he said as we stood at the bus stop as my eyes gazed off into the distance at the alluring pay toilets not that far away. I was about to waver in my resolve but then the bus pulled up and I was thinking maybe there would be toilets on the bus.
As soon as I got on I noticed that there were no seats on the bus, so on top of everything else I would have to stand up, which was much more difficult with a full bladder.
"Are you okay?" Liam asked seeing that I seem to be distracted.
"I just have a lot on my mind," I said as I thought of the throbbing in my bladder as I sort of gently rubbed my knees together.
"Excuse me but do you know where there is a bathroom," a man said as he tapped me on the shoulder.
"Did you say that there was a bathroom on here?" I said suddenly picking up with enthusiasm.
He shook his head. "No I was asking if you knew where there was a bathroom?"
"No, unfortunately I don't."
"Okay thanks anyway," he said as he walked away.
"That's what's bothering you!" Liam shouted. "You haven't gone to the bathroom yet."
"Why don't you tell the whole bus?!" I shouted as I shifted from leg to leg.
"Look at you are clearly desperate."
"I'm fine," I said even though we both knew that I was lying. "I am sure that there will be a bathroom at the next stop."
When the bus finally let us all off downtown I sort of limped out of the bus feeling a bunch of people pushing me out of the way and shaking my bladder in the process.
As soon as I saw a sign indicating that there were restrooms down the block I started sprinting and Liam followed shortly behind.
"I knew we would find some bathrooms," I said as I skipped merrily into the bathroom.
"I could use a bathroom as well," Liam said. "I have been drinking a lot today."
I hadn't had a single thing to drink in hours because I was trying not to fill up my bladder anymore than it already was, but I didn't say anything, just rolled my eyes.
Liam ran off to use the urinals and I got in line for the cubicles and tapped a woman on the shoulder. "Excuse me but are these pay toilets?" She nodded and suddenly my elevated mood went back down to downright cranky.
Liam came back to find me standing there waiting for him. "Feeling better," I said sticking out my tongue.
"You used the bathroom already?"
"Yeah the line moved really fast," I said lying.
"I saw you, you got out of the line right away."
"No I totally used the bathroom and it was totally fine."
"You're clearly lying. You didn't want to use it because it was a pay toilet again."
"No I totally used the bathroom and wow do I feel better now," I said shifting my weight once again.
"Want to go see this big water fountain that I heard was right around here?"
"The big what?"
"You know that big water fountain with all the water gushing and splashing and shooting up into the air."
My knees began shaking. "You know I think maybe we can skip that."
"Are you sure you don't want to see it, all those waterworks like that? It must be pretty impressive with all that water just bursting forth into the air."
"Please be quiet!" I said.
"Let me give you some money for the toilet."
"No it's a matter of principle," I said as I grabbed myself.
"You are clearly in agony!"
"Let's just go, we will find a bathroom soon enough."
We continued to walk down the streets with the rain pounding and I stopped every few minutes to regain my composure. By now my bladder was throbbing with each and every step. I stopped every so often to ask if anyone knew if they had any non-pay toilets around, but no such luck.
My resolve was steadily wavering when finally we came to a café.
"Do you have bathrooms here?" I asked as soon as I ran in almost out of breath.
"Yes we have a bathroom in the back," the cashier said.
"Free bathrooms?" I said with a big smile to which she nodded.
"They have free bathrooms here!" I said jumping up and down to Liam, my eyes practically in tears.
We went around to the back of the café and there was indeed a free toilet and a line 36 people long.
"Well, it's free, I guess you get what you pay for!" said Liam with boisterous laughter.
So I waited in the line while pounding my fist against the wall for a good 40 minutes but by the time I sat down and peed I felt like I had paid more than my share for the privilege and I can honestly say that it was probably the most valuable pee that I ever took in my life.
Although if I ever visited Paris again I would make sure to bring a lot more pocket change, because fuck principles, a girl needs to pee!
I hope that you enjoyed this story. I haven't had any really interesting experiences lately since I haven't really been to many places, as usual, but I have had lots of good conversations that have given me lots of ideas for fictional stories. I have this really great one for a story about someone desperate in one of those old-time photo booths where you would go to get your pictures developed before digital cameras. I might update with that one very soon or even tomorrow, but soon at any rate. So perhaps expect another update in the near future!
In the meantime here is everybody's favorite, the links that I have accumulated since last time. A lot of these were just in the last few days as I found this really great YouTube channel where they upload all of these long bathroom lines in their entirety and most of them are made up entirely of Asian women! That's pretty much like Christmas. I also found a bunch of TV tropes things that I still have to read myself but I am putting them here so that I will remember. So even though it's only been a month I still managed to find a couple of really good links and everything. Enjoy!
-https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/urine-demand-a-beginners-guide-to-urophilia/ (“Some sufferers of forced waste retention develop sexual fetishes involving waste and waste retention…adult respondents reported using masturbation as a way to dissociate from the pain of a full bladder. Websites that cater to the sadomasochistic desires of urolagnia (“water sports”) enthusiasts are prevalent on the Internet…Adults who engage in urolagnia are often reenacting scenes from childhood, some of which involved denial of toilet use by school teachers or caretakers for purposes of punishment or containment…Due to the close proximity of the urethra and bladder to the sex organs, some adults who chronically suffered this form of bodily control as children developed a conditioned response in which wetting themselves or bladder tension was association with sexual arousal”-Bingo!)
-http://www.nospank.net/couture2.htm (Desperation as actual torture.This reminds me of the system they had at my school where you had several bathroom passes and you should usually only go like two times a day if that much which is really very cruel and I think that that is why a lot of people do develop these desperation fetishes.
"Yet children of all ages have been forced to painfully retain bodily waste for long periods of time, to wet themselves, attend school diapered and to urinate in school garbage cans because they weren't allowed the right to use the toilet when the need arose (The New York Times on the Web, 2000; Krupinski and Weikel, 1986). Adults who attended Catholic school in the 1950's and 1960's unanimously report suffering this form of bodily control at the hands of the nuns.
One former student of a Catholic school reports severe urinary dysfunction as a result of a school rule that banned use of toilet facilities all day, including during after school hours."-This is probably why my mom and her sisters all had really good bladder control.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2cxjWs6Cmc (Girl has to pee really bad.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwZaT1NaXfc (Girl desperate for a pee badly)
-https://www.popularmechanics.com/flight/airlines/a14286182/delta-flight-forced-to-make-extra-stop-for-bathroom-break/ (Plane's toilet's break. I thought that this one was really funny because several people on the same day that this broke all saw this link and automatically thought of me, which was rather nice, that people immediately think of me when they think of people desperately in need of a bathroom! This gave me an idea for another story as well that I might update sometime in the near future based on a true story or at least inspired by one! I have to admit it would probably be pretty fun to be on that flight because although I'm sure I would desperately need a bathroom, I would be seeing plenty of others desperate as well!)
-http://perv-asive.tumblr.com/post/171041400402/potty-training-tips (Potty Training tips)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ClzNO9pMLY (The Line For The Bathroom 🚽)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS8kO7O-gy4 (Long Lines For Women's Room At WWDC Shows Tech Diversity Improvement)
-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr9o52_3dFs2wDk_o7OOtxQ/videos (channel of like 90 lengthy videos of Asian women in line for the toilet! The best channel ever!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byfpWV5L0wQ (Force fully pee in metro train)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQMFSxaZeUQ (She looks a bit like me, but more attractive, although her breasts are similar and her hair is similar in the way she dances and jiggles around when desperate is also not unlike myself!)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WondrousLadiesRoom (Tropes about ladies room)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DisgustingPublicToilet (Gross toilet Trope)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PottyEmergency (Desperation in TV )
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CallingYourBathroomBreaks (Bathroom Breaks)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PottyDance (Pee dance trope)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RipVanTinkle (Potty emergency)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ShyBladder (Shy bladder trope)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BottomlessBladder (Bottomeless bladder trope)
-http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/PlayingWith/PottyFailure (Potty accidents)
-https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/scientists-investigate-wait-always-long-womens-bathroom-195331408.html (According to Kurt Vanhautegem and Wouter Rogiest, “queueing theorists” (i.e., people who specialize in lines), there are several reasons why the wait is longer for women, and a lot of those reasons are out of the bathroom-goer’s control. The first is that there are fewer toilets for women than for men. Typically, bathrooms are the same size, but men’s rooms have urinals in addition to toilets, which take up less space than stalls. An average bathroom has 20 to 30 percent more places to pee for men than for women, the researchers discovered.
Second, women just spend more time using the bathroom. It’s not that women are loafing — they just have more things to do when they have to go, like opening and closing a stall door, wiping down a toilet seat or laying down a seat cover, and taking off and putting on more clothes. Thanks to all of these practicalities, women spend an average of one minute and 30 seconds in the bathroom compared with men, who can be in and out in a minute.
The third factor comes down to overall activity in the bathroom. When it’s not too busy, women can get in and out fairly quickly, the researchers point out, but when a bathroom is packed (for example, right after a concert wraps up), women are stuck with sometimes outrageous wait times.
Vanhautegem and Rogiest tell Yahoo Beauty that they decided to study this effect because they saw it as an “optimization problem” that they wanted to try to solve from a mathematical point of view. “It is a great setting to show that mathematics can be applied to everyday and socially relevant topics,” they said via email.
The researchers propose unisex toilets to help solve the issue of super-long lines. With a unisex bathroom, “you avoid ‘idle moments,’ in which women are waiting while there are toilets available in the men’s room,” they say. “Therefore, the optimal mixed layout will always give lower waiting times than the optimal layout if you separate men and women.” Moving to unisex bathrooms can reduce waiting times for women in crowded situations from over six minutes to a minute and a half, which is definitely good news for people who have to go. There’s also a benefit for transgender people, they point out: Removing gender from the bathroom equation can make the experience less stressful for transgender men and women.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnEqwww4lt8 (Ladies long restroom lines at Lambeau Field)

A Desperate Girl in Urinal Land
desperate avatar

As usual I haven't updated my blog again very much because I live in an uninteresting life and good desperation sightings are few and far between for me. A couple of weeks ago at the movie theater I had one brief one where there was this girl in front of me was clearly bobbing up and down and she was running into the toilet and everything but other than that that's pretty much all I have as far as sightings go.

Fortunately though I am staying healthy so far this new year and I have kept my New Year's resolution to work on a story every single night, which I didn't think I would ever be able to manage, but if I just cut out on the Internet and my fetishes and everything, I can get a tremendous amount accomplished. Tonight I didn't get much accomplished but I did write one fictional story, so I'm still technically keeping my resolution to myself! Now if I can just stay healthy maybe I can continue keeping my resolutions. Sadly today marks the one year anniversary of the United States taking its major step towards fascism by electing Donald Trump President, but let's focus on the positive. After all from talking to some of my friends who have gone to the women's marches there is often a lot of desperation at these events! So if nothing else Trump did one good thing for women...and about 80 billion bad things.

The following story was inspired by conversations I have had with people online. I had read online about how they have Street urinals in much of Europe because the men were peeing everywhere but they didn't really provide anything for the women because the women weren't peeing everywhere so I guess they didn't consider the fact that women's bladders were exploding to be a major problem where the of public attention. Figures! Talking to people who lived in places where they had the system they say it's pretty accurate to reality.

The following story is completely fictional even though the character is named after me. I have to admit that it's kind of weird writing a story with a character named after me because I feel like I am talking in the third person, so maybe in future stories I will talk in the first person if the character is basically based off of me.

I can honestly say that in that situation I probably would have continued holding it and I don't know if I would have actually used the urinal like that. But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I decided to give my story one of the more exciting and humorous endings, even though I don't know if that's what I would do in real life! But in fiction you can be much more entertaining because you aren't constrained by boring old reality, which is why the only nonfiction I write is this blog and my own personal journals.
So without further ado I hope you enjoy the following story.

A Desperate Girl in Urinal Land
As Jill sat on the bus her bladder was ready to explode. She really wished that the tour buses had bathrooms like advertised, but unfortunately it was false advertising, as that was only the premium trip package and they had gotten the basic one.
"Oh my God I have to pee so bad," Jill said as she crossed her legs tightly.
"Cool," said Mike and Jim simultaneously as they could see Jill grabbing herself and tapping her feet in agitation.
"Are we going to get to a bathroom anytime soon?" Jill asked, having not peed in nearly 3 or four hours.
"We are almost at our stop and then we will be free to tour the city at our leisure," Mike said. "I could sure go for a pee myself."
"If I don't get to a bathroom soon I'm going to pee myself!" Jill said.
"Hold your horses," Jim said.
"I'm holding more than that!" Jill said as the bus hit a bump in the road causing extreme bladder pain to everyone on board.
"Okay everybody off!" the bus driver said.
"Finally!" Jill shouted, pretty much jumping out of her seat and still bobbing up and down as she stood there waiting. "Come on everyone, get off the bus already!"
"Calm down Jill," Mike said.
"I can't calm down I have to pee!" Jill said as she crossed her legs and looked impatiently at the people in the bus getting off ahead of her.
Finally everyone piled out of the bus to find that they were in a really nice-looking town.
"Where are the freaking bathrooms?!" Jill screamed as she started looking around.
"Don't worry there are plenty of urinals everywhere all around town," someone said as they pointed over to a bunch of urinals on the side of the road.
"But what am I supposed to use?!" Jill shouted as she danced in place.
The man shrugged his shoulders. "You know I hadn't considered that, I guess they really don't have any facilities for women around here. I mean I suppose you can use the urinal yourself, I don't know how you would do that, but I guess it's not impossible."
"How could they have urinals but nothing for the women to pee in?!" Jill said as she paced back and forth. "That's totally not fair!"
"I actually heard something about this online," Mike said. "Apparently they had a big problem with public urination because the men were just peeing all over the place, so they installed outdoor urinals all throughout the city to control the problem."
"But what about the women having to pee?!" Jill shouted as she tugged on her hair.
"I guess they didn't consider that to be a problem," Jim said.
"Well it's a problem for me!" Jill said as she was becoming increasingly frantic.
"Well we will worry about that in a minute, but right now I think that we both need to use the bathroom," Mike said as he motioned for Jim as they walked over towards the urinals.
Jill stood there pacing back and forth as Mike and Jim went to use the urinals. Although there was a big line up the line moved relatively quickly and within a few minutes Jim and Mike were completely done.
"Wow did I ever piss a lot!" Jim shouted. "That really felt so much better."
"You're telling me!" Mike said.
"Guys I still have to pee!" Jill shouted. "I've been holding it all freaking day."
"You shouldn't have drank so much," Mike said.
"Well I was under the impression that there were going to be bathrooms on the bus and that there would be something other than outdoor urinals when we got here." Jill knocked her knees together and started bobbing up and down again.
"I guess that that was a wrong assumption," Jim said with a laugh.
"It's not funny I really have to go!" Jill shouted.
"Well let's walk around, I am sure that we will find some type of bathroom nearby," Mike said.
"We'd better, I'm absolutely dying here!" Jill said. She couldn't remember the last time she so desperately needed a bathroom.
The three of them began walking across a couple of blocks but nothing seemed to be open at this time of day. Every couple of blocks they passed a bunch of street urinals but that was about it.
"Guys we really have to find a bathroom," Jill said. "I really thought we would have found one by now."
"I guess we'll just have to keep looking," Mike said.
"Well look faster!" Jill shouted.
"Hey look there is a kiosk selling drinks over there," Jim said as the three of them started going over there.
"I'll have two beers," Mike said.
"You have any Diet Coke?" Jim asked.
"Nothing for me thanks," Jill said. "But do you happen to know where there is a bathroom around here?"
"No bathroom, just some urinals over there," the kiosk guy said pointing to the urinals.
"But is there any place that women could go to the bathroom?" Jill said as she stood there dancing in place.
The kiosk guy shrugged his shoulders. "You know it's never been an issue for me."
"Of course not!" Jill shouted. "Doesn't anyone else in this whole world acknowledge the fact that women have to go to the bathroom as well?"
"I guess not," said Mike as he began guzzling his beer.
"Maybe we should go sit down," Jim said as he motioned to a bunch of tables outside of a café that was not yet open.
Jill sat down very slowly so as not to put too much pressure on her bladder, but just the act of sitting down made her really uncomfortable. Fortunately when she was sitting down it helped to take some pressure off of her bladder but she still had her legs crossed tightly under the table, and when she noticed that nobody was looking she put her hands between her legs.
After about 15 or 20 minutes of resting Jill was getting increasingly antsy and they could actually feel that the table was shaking.
"What's causing the table to shake so much?" Jim asked.
"Jill can't stop shaking her legs," Mike said causing Jill to blush.
"I still have to pee!" Jill said with her legs still crossed tight. "We can't sit around dillydallying, I need to find a bathroom, seriously."
"Speaking of the bathroom I think that that beer went right through me," Mike said. "I'm going to go over to the urinals."
"Me too," Jim said as the two of them walked towards the urinal.
"Well hurry up!" Jill shouted as she sat there at the table tapping her fingers anxiously.
"Excuse me but do you know where there is a ladies room around here?" a woman said as she tapped Jill on the shoulder.
"I was really hoping that you would know!" Jill said with a laugh as the two of them laughed awkwardly. "I'm not joking though, I seriously need to pee like you can't imagine."
"Me too," the woman said. "But it seems like all they have around here is urinals."
"I know, what's the deal with that?!"
"I guess they just expect us to hold it."
"I don't think I can hold it much longer, I feel like I'm going to explode!"
That was when Mike and Jim came back from using the urinal.
"Hi Jill, who is this?" Jim asked.
"I'm sorry I didn't catch your name," Jill said.
"Katie," the woman said as she shook Jill's hand. "I was hoping someone around here would know where there was some type of bathroom available."
"Damn it seems like all the women always have to pee all the time," Mike said as he gave Jim an elbow to the side.
"That's because they never give us God damned bathrooms!" Jill shouted. "You guys have already peed twice I should point out."
Katie was clearly doing a pee dance which only made Jill more frantic. "Well forget this," Katie said.
"Forget what, that we have to pee?" Jill asked. "I don't think I can do that!"
"I think I know a place where we can pee," Katie said as she waved the others forward.
"I sure hope so!" Jill said as she very slowly and carefully got up and felt all the pressure flowing down to her bladder.
Katie led them to an alleyway. "Is the coast clear?"
"Yeah I think so," Mike said.
Katie looked both ways, pulled up her skirt, squatted and began peeing a large stream of urine down the alleyway as she moaned and sighed with relief. It was a very thick and powerful stream and seeing that made Jill practically want to cry.
"That's much better," Katie said as she pulled up her skirt.
"I can't take it anymore!" Jill shouted. "I have to go to the bathroom and I have to go right now!"
"But there are no bathrooms, unless you want to pop a squat as well," Mike said.
"I don't have the balance for it, I'd pee all over myself," Jill said as she continued dancing in place.
"Then what are you going to do?" Jim asked.
"Screw it I'm going to use the urinal!" Jill said as she walked a few blocks to the nearest urinal. "It looks like the coast is clear."
Jill ran over to the urinal, closed the privacy screen, turned to face backwards, moved her skirt out of the way and squatted and peed in the urinal for what seemed like a minute or more.
As Jill emerged from the urinal there was a small audience waiting outside clapping as she turned red with embarrassment. "Take a picture!" Jill shouted. "It will last longer."
And much to Jill's dismay, they did exactly that!
"Next time we are getting a bus with bathrooms," Jill said as they got back on the bus.

As always I end with everyone's favorite feature, the links that I have collected since my last update. I haven't focused on my fetish as much lately, so I don't have as many links as usual, but I always find something of interest and it seems like everyone enjoys them, so I will keep posting them. Again I don't know when I will update again because you never know when you're going to have a good sighting, but if nothing interesting happens I will try to write more fiction. Because although I don't have many sightings as my real life is boring, like I said, I have a very fertile imagination when it comes to this fetish!

-https://drmarkgriffiths.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/urine-demand-a-beginners-guide-to-urophilia/ (“Some sufferers of forced waste retention develop sexual fetishes involving waste and waste retention…adult respondents reported using masturbation as a way to dissociate from the pain of a full bladder. Websites that cater to the sadomasochistic desires of urolagnia (“water sports”) enthusiasts are prevalent on the Internet…Adults who engage in urolagnia are often reenacting scenes from childhood, some of which involved denial of toilet use by school teachers or caretakers for purposes of punishment or containment…Due to the close proximity of the urethra and bladder to the sex organs, some adults who chronically suffered this form of bodily control as children developed a conditioned response in which wetting themselves or bladder tension was association with sexual arousal”-Bingo!)
-http://www.nospank.net/couture2.htm (Desperation as actual torture.This reminds me of the system they had at my school where you had several bathroom passes and you should usually only go like two times a day if that much which is really very cruel and I think that that is why a lot of people do develop these desperation fetishes.
"Yet children of all ages have been forced to painfully retain bodily waste for long periods of time, to wet themselves, attend school diapered and to urinate in school garbage cans because they weren't allowed the right to use the toilet when the need arose (The New York Times on the Web, 2000; Krupinski and Weikel, 1986). Adults who attended Catholic school in the 1950's and 1960's unanimously report suffering this form of bodily control at the hands of the nuns.
One former student of a Catholic school reports severe urinary dysfunction as a result of a school rule that banned use of toilet facilities all day, including during after school hours."-This is probably why my mom and her sisters all had really good bladder control.)
-http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Standing-Pee-Lesson (From the movie Raw, women try peeing standing pee all over themselves)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zo83b_pj5iQ (To pee or not to pee (Better Quality)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGh9XLH4cGI (Shimoneta - Omorashi scene (Ep. 8)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zu-x0gB6Sg ("Scandal" Desperation clip.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBPCEabPviY (Omorashi Scene - IUnD (Episode 4)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6ATWyupgGA (Pee animation compilation (Girl pee desperation)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6pdA3BUoXM (GoAnimate Going To The Bathroom Part 1-4)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruKcFI5ITyg (Top 10 Hilarious Peeing Scenes in Movies)
-https://xhamster.com/videos/rona-de-ricci-nude-the-pit-and-the-pendulum-1990-2241479 (ENF in the inquizition)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BYltaFBakU&feature=youtu.be (Smilin' Rylan - The Pee Pee Dance)
-http://enfworld.com/ (Probably put this one here before but good ENF clips)
-https://www.chinasmack.com/npc-more-womens-restrooms (More restrooms for Chinese women!)
-http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn/opinion/2015-10/17/content_22205851.htm (That's a fancy toilet! Also "And long queues outside the Ladies at most tourism spots and parks are solid proof that more toilets for women are needed. Even in a number of neighborhoods and shopping malls, it is often embarrassingly hard to find a toilet.")
-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3152718/Share-tampons-cubicle-clean-NEVER-laugh-fart-Women-reveal-unspoken-rules-using-public-restroom.html ('If you enter a stall to do your thing and the female in the neighboring stall is sitting there not doing anything, she clearly needs to poop,' one woman explained. 'You should finish as quickly as possible and vacate the bathroom, since she can't go with you there.')
-https://vimeo.com/album/1967427/video/64733355 (Woman naked in public in Germany. Hot!)
-https://vimeo.com/album/3712583/video/142485635 (Not into male nudity but liked the reactions of the women in the video. Would love a CFNF version!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BSEE5qWKf8 (3 Types of Girlfriends Based on Pooping Habits LOL)

The Famous Bathroom Line Dancer
desperate avatar
I haven't updated my blog in the last 2 1/2 months again because unfortunately nothing particularly interesting has happened to me since that last excellent sighting of the Asian woman at the movie theater. Stuff like that is a rare once in a blue moon type of stuff, probably once a year or less or average, unfortunately.
But I was chatting the other day with someone who sent me a picture of a movie theater by them where they have the men's and ladies rooms right there in the theater on the sides of the theater. I will attach that picture to give a better perspective. It wasn't an IMAX theater like I am about to portray in my story, but this was just the inspiration for it. So although I have had a really productive two months where I have been healthy the last two months, fortunately, mostly with my more serious literary work, I got this great idea for a fictional story that I will now share with you. Like I said the following story is FICTION, despite the fact that the main character has the same name as me and the same attitudes! So it is a fairly personal story, but again it's entirely fiction and all the characters in it aren't really based on anyone in reality. So I hope you enjoy!

The Famous Bathroom Line Dancer
I was really excited to go to the new theater to see the new IMAX film about life under the oceans. I had never been to a theater like that before and it was going to be a long movie, a three hour presentation. I knew that that was a long time to go to the movies for, and I knew that I would end up getting really thirsty, so I made sure to get myself an extra large soda.
"Where are the bathrooms in this place?" I asked, as that is always the first question that I would ask in any place, just to be on the safe side.
"That's the great thing about this place," said my friend Jimmy as we walked into the large theater to find our seats. "The bathrooms are right in the theater itself."
"Well, that's interesting!"
"Yeah, take a look over there," he said as he pointed to the side of the theater. "The ladies room is on the left side and the men's room is on the right side."
I have to admit that I was rather excited and wanted to get seats right near the front row so I could get an excellent view of people waiting in line for the bathroom.
Once we had taken our seats in the front of the theater the movie began shortly after, after like 20 minutes of previews of course, that they don't list on the running time of the film itself. The movie was relaxing as it showed all sorts of ocean life gently swimming through the sea such as orca whales and all sorts of other sea life that you don't normally get to see, and it was like it was all around you. You could even hear them echoing to each other and the sound of the ocean running in the background.
I have to admit that watching so much about the ocean was kind of making me thirsty and I found myself guzzling my soda more quickly than I thought I would.
It seemed other people had the same idea and within a short amount of time, probably by the halfway point of the movie, lines began to form at both bathrooms. Of course the line to the ladies room was much longer. The men's room was practically a revolving door, as always, whereas the ladies room very steadily developed a line that was stretching across the entire front row of the movie theater. The screens were above us so they weren't blocking the view, but I couldn't help but take notice that several of the women in line were doing the telltale signs of the pee pee dance.
As time went on I found myself paying less and less attention to the movie and more and more attention to the people in line. I could see one woman subtly shifting from foot to foot and another dancing in place. Another had a little girl with her was jumping up and down impatiently as her mother was trying to maintain her own composure.
"This is a great show, isn't it?" Jimmy asked.
"I know, I have never seen an IMAX film before!" I said trying not to stare too much at the line in front of me.
"Not the movie, I mean this bathroom line," he said with a laugh.
"Oh yeah," I said as I took a sip of my soda trying not to reveal that I was having as much fun with it as he was.
"It's fun seeing people dance around having to go to the bathroom. I know that must sound weird but I have always just found it really fascinating."
"You don't say," I said, trying to hide my interest. I can't believe it, he was into desperation as well, and he was enjoying the free show as much as I was!
That was when a painful realization dawned on me. I just noticed that I had to pee and I had to pee really bad! I quickly checked my watch. The movie was at about the two-hour mark of a three hour movie, and that wasn't even counting the 20 minutes of previews, which meant if the movie got out on time it wouldn't be over for another 80 minutes!
I put my already empty popcorn container on top of my legs to try and hide the fact that I was very subtly fidgeting and trying to cross them. I noticed that Jimmy was still staring intensely at the line, which was getting longer and longer by the minute, and the faces of the women looking increasingly desperate.
Another 20 minutes passed and it was getting harder to concentrate on either the movie or the line in front of me. Seeing that line growing longer and longer I began to grow even more nervous as I tried crossing my legs more tightly and checked my watch again.
"Are you nervous or bored or something?" Jimmy asked as he noticed me checking my watch.
"No, it's just kind of a long movie," I said trying to hide the desperation in my voice.
"I know, I think I need a bathroom break," said Jimmy as he stood up. "Watch my things while I am gone."
As I saw Jimmy walk towards the bathroom I quickly tightly crossed my legs and put my hand between them, carefully concealed by my jacket that I had brought and placed over my legs, which would hopefully serve to hide my desperation.
"That's much better," said Jimmy as he came back from the bathroom and sat down next to me.
"You were only gone like a minute or two!" I shouted, suddenly agitated by his good fortune.
Jimmy laughed. "I know, there was like totally no line. It's really convenient having the bathroom right here in the movie theater like that. Glad I'm not stuck in the ladies room line though."
Jimmy pointed at the line ahead of us which was now 25 out the door. I winced a little bit but tried not to show it.
"You must have great bladder control," Jimmy said interrupting my line of thought.
"What was that?" I asked.
"We've been in here for 2 1/2 hours already and you haven't used the bathroom yet."
"I guess you are right, I guess time just flies by when you're having fun."
We both had a good laugh as Jimmy turned back and started looking at the ladies room line with increasingly bulging eyes. There was no way I was going to get on that line now with him staring down the women like they were on display at the Museum of modern Art.
I couldn't help but look myself, as it was probably less distracting than the movie itself.
Another 20 minutes passed and by then I was starting to chew my hair and very subtly shake my legs under my jacket because I was so desperate. I checked my watch one more time. The movie wouldn't be out for at least another half hour, and then there would be a huge surge towards the bathroom. There was absolutely no possible way that I would be able to hold it that long.
I also noticed that my soda was empty. That was when I had a brilliant idea. "Watch my stuff while I'm gone, I'm going to go get my free refill and will be right back," I said as I very slowly and carefully got up, the weight of my bladder screaming for release.
I rapidly sprinted towards the lobby where I looked around but did not see a bathroom. I went up to get my soda refilled like I said I would, since it would look suspicious if I came back with no soda, and as the soda slowly poured into the cup I felt like I was about ready to scream.
"Excuse me, do you work here," I said as I went up to a man wearing an employee outfit and he nodded. "Where is the ladies room?"
"The bathrooms are in the theater to the right and left of center stage," he said with a smile.
"But aren't there bathrooms in the lobby?"
He shook his head. "Nope, the only bathrooms are in the theaters themselves, that's where you have to go. I thought you probably would have noticed it."
"Thanks," I said as I rapidly sprinted back to the theater, pausing every couple of seconds to regain my composure, as by now my bladder felt ready to explode, like a grenade between my legs ticking down the seconds until it burst!
Soon I was back in the theater where I saw that Jimmy was still watching the line intensely. I put my soda in the cup holder. I guess I had to admit defeat.
"Find everything okay?" Jimmy said still looking at the long ladies room line and smiling. It was now about 30 out the door and possibly a good many inside as well.
"Yeah, you think you can continue watching my things though," I said.
"Why?" Jimmy asked. "Is everything okay?"
"I just really have to go to the bathroom," I said straining with every muscle not to grab myself, but he could probably tell that I was shifting from foot to foot already.
His face lit up like a child on Christmas morning. "Okay," he said, trying but failing to conceal his excitement.
I got at the end of the line which began to move at a painstakingly slow pace.
"Mommy I really have to go," said a little girl a couple of places in line in front of me.
"Well you're just going to have to hold it," the mother said in a stern voice to her daughter. Seeing her reprimand her daughter like that made me feel like a little child. Was I really so desperate that I couldn't control myself like an adult?
I looked over in the direction of my seat to see Jimmy was looking directly in my direction and waved to me. I waved back sheepishly as I tried to very subtly cross my legs. No way was I going to grab myself with a live audience like that!
I continued to wait in the line trying not to look back at Jimmy too often, but I had no doubt that he was watching me like a hawk, probably scrutinizing my every move. That was when I saw him take out what looked like a camera phone and he seemed to be pointing it directly at me.
What the hell was he doing, I wanted to shout. I was about to get off of the line to go see what he was doing, but now that I was halfway through it I was damned if I was going to lose my place in line.
Finally the movie was over and I was about 10 places from the front of the line and that was when I saw Jimmy approach.
"Still waiting in line, huh?" he said with a laugh still holding up his camera phone.
"Why are you holding up your phone like that?!" I demanded, now barely able to stand still, so great was the overwhelming pressure in my bladder.
"You're putting on a good show up here, I've been live blogging it!" He began laughing loudly.
"You've been live blogging me waiting in line for the bathroom this whole time?! You should delete that right now."
"Live blogging, you don't get the idea, it's live, it's already out there."
"Well turn it off, I don't want anyone to see me like this!"
"Okay, I'll turn it off," said Jimmy as he turned off his phone. "I'm sure plenty of people would have like to see how this ends."
"Well am afraid I will have to keep them in suspense."
"You think you can hold my phone for me for a minute while I go to use the bathroom?"
"Didn't you already go to the bathroom?!"
"Yeah, but I have to go again. Don't worry I'll just be five seconds."
"Sure," I said as I grabbed his phone, annoyed at the fact that he probably would only be five seconds. And I was completely right, because a minute or two later he came back and I had barely moved up another two places in line. While he was gone I quickly checked his phone. The live blog of me waiting in line for the bathroom had over 1000 views! I suddenly felt extremely self-conscious.
"Still waiting in line," said Jimmy as he came back and grabbed his phone.
"Yeah," I said with a laugh.
"It really is a shame that all of your many fans aren't going to get to see how this ends. You're like an Internet celebrity right now."
"Really," I said, my legs now tightly crossed. As embarrassing and humiliating as this whole situation was, I couldn't help but feel a bit titillated by it all the sudden. Did a thousand people really tune in just to watch me waiting in line for the bathroom?
"Yeah, you really were popular."
Dammit, I thought to myself. "Fine," I said practically trembling.
"Fine what?" Jimmy asked.
"Let all of my fans see how this ends."
"Really?" he said as he turned his phone back on.
"Sure, why the hell not?!" I said with a laugh as I turned to face the phone. "Hi everybody, my name is Jill and I have to pee really really bad!"
"Wave to all your fans," Jimmy said as I sheepishly waved. I was feeling incredibly self-conscious just now but at the same time I couldn't help but feel I was enjoying all the attention I was getting.
In fact as I was being videotaped smiling and laughing and waving the time passed really quickly, and then when it was finally my turn I bolted into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later with a big smile on my face and a thumbs-up.
"Wow you have nearly 3000 followers already," Jimmy said as he checked his phone.
"3000!" I said astonished as I slowly blushed.
"Yep, you're famous!"
"The famous bathroom line dancer!"
"That can be your stage name!"
We both had a good laugh about it.
"I forgot to ask, but did you enjoy the movie?" Jimmy asked.
"It was okay, but I really wasn't paying attention to the movie as much."
"Me neither," said Jimmy, to which we both had a good laugh.
"So do you think you would want to come back again next week?" Jimmy asked.
I smiled. "Sure, I wouldn't want to let my fans down!"
And the two of us had a good laugh on the way home as we planned our next weekend for the famous bathroom line dancer.

And to end, as always, what seems to be everyone's favorite (as though my excellent stories weren't amazing enough) based on the feedback I received, all of the interesting bathroom related links that I have collected since my last update. I haven't been focused on my fetish as much lately, but I will always still find at least a couple of links with every update because I never ignore it completely!
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7q-OZYTGTX0 (Gotta go!)
-http://jameystegmaier.com/2012/09/my-greatest-fear-34-getting-stuck-with-a-full-bladder/ (why you should always pee before you leave a place.)
- http://mentalfloss.com/article/68987/can-full-bladder-make-you-better-liar (I think that maybe politicians should try this, it would certainly be entertaining at least!)
-http://www.eatliverun.com/the-panorama-trail-part-iii/ ( We left Nevada Falls at about 2:30 and at that point, I had been holding my bladder for the past three hours.
Let me tell you something. Holding your bladder while constantly being around rapids and waterfalls is no walk in the park. But what’s a girl to do? I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see an outhouse in my entire life. After that, I was a whole new person and ready to conquer the final rocky three miles. )
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPsMKQDvWqk (i have to go to the bathroom!!!!!!!!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJqw-08u4hI (I PEED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIRPORT | STORYTIME)
-http://www.backtoworkcollective.com/blog/bathroom-patriarchy (Bathroom lines and other things that are rather sexist.)
-http://contenderworlds2010.com/public-restroom-line-etiquette/ (especially number three!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PmZdIPXqCw (Is It Dangerous To Hold In Your Pee?)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJBInEzALBI (Pee in your pants, poop in your pants, but stay in your seat! says Florida elementary school)
-http://www.demeterclarc.com/tag/complain/ ("…Narrate everything. Really, you have to pee, yeah bitch we are standing in the bathroom line. I know. I don’t give a fuck. Hurry up and pee then. I don’t need a narrative of your experience in the restroom. Furthermore, I don’t need a description of the waterfall or the valley. Just shut up and enjoy the moment in silence."<----personally I like women who narrate in the bathroom line!)
-http://www.nakedexperiment.com/were-recruiting/ (this is the exact type of thing I am interested in!)
http://www.cfnfcentral.com/ (OMG Yes! Clothed female nude female!)
(Men make lines longer lol)
https://twitter.com/FemDesp4Life (Fem desp twitter)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXn_ff5RuGM (POOPING IN PUBLIC w/ That Gibson Girl)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C40pTdtQ8GI (Shit Happens - Jenna Faith)
-https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/india-divorce-granted-over-lack-of-toilet/ar-AAqoqC3?ocid=spartanntp (Makes sense.)
-http://www.bbc.com/news/health-33980904 (Paid to poo!)
-https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5618bff55b101 (CFNF lesbian tickle torture, my idea of heaven!)
-https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5796b7f73ac21 (A 25 minute lesbian tickle torture video. She's one lucky girl!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WW77gRhWjPY (Solution to Women's Toilet Line ups)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qf3UaBa2FBU (Toilet Champion)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMaCM57X9BU (INSIDE...A Women's Restroom)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_xXTAr0dDE (Women's Survival Guide: Public Bathrooms)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5-AfADupBE (7 Types of Women in the Bathroom)
-http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/manhattan/relief-cab-drivers-pee-manhattan-article-1.3442981 (No place for cabbies to pee!)
-http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/12/someone-isnt-peeing-like-a-lady-in-huffposts-womens-lavatory/ (Why you shouldn't hover!)
-https://www.myajc.com/news/local/judge-accused-ignoring-lawyer-urgent-pleas-for-bathroom-break/6EkGjaKfeP2mrSPMUoqzVL/ (Desperation in court)
-http://www.metacafe.com/watch/9168138/clip/ (Japanese woman stripping!)

So I don't know when I will update again but hopefully I will have something interesting and a true story to share next time. But if not I have an infinite imagination of perverse story ideas that I can write as fiction. So if I don't have any new interesting experiences like I did last time, I will try to update with some fictional stories more often, time permitting of course, so long as it doesn't take too much attention away from my more serious writing, of which I will have to remain anonymous on this blog. Enjoy! Until next time, happy holding!

Enormous Ass Line 40 Women Deep at the Movie Theater!
desperate avatar

I guess you can tell from the title of this update that I have an interesting story to tell for a change! It has only been six weeks since I last updated and up until today nothing much interesting happened as I was sick for most of June and barely went anywhere. But today I encountered one of the longest lines that I had experienced in a pretty long time and I was quite desperate to boot!
A little background before I start the story. For the last couple of days I have been playing a lot of Pee holding games with my friends on the Internet and the other day I really pushed my limits and held for 4 1/2 hours until it was actually painful, and I think that I weakened my bladder a little bit. I find that the day(s) after a major hold I often pee a lot more and can't hold it as long, which ultimately turned out to be working against me today as you will soon see as I relate this story.
Today I went to the movies to see Spiderman with my two cousins (both male). Before that I had something to eat at my cousin's house and I also had a medium-sized Sprite soda. I peed before leaving his house at like 4:50 PM but that was right after drinking all of that soda which certainly hadn't reached my bladder by the time I went to the bathroom before going that one final time.
We were going to a theater that we hadn't been to in many many years. I didn't recognize the name of the theater but after we got there I realized it was the one we use to visit all the time when we were children, and that instantly brought back all those memories of those extremely long lines. This is one of those theaters that has large theaters that hold hundreds of people at a time. They actually had two restrooms for each sex, two men's rooms and two ladies rooms, down a really long hallway. But as soon as I saw that I instantly started remembering all of those times I was desperate as a child, where my parents would let my other cousins go to the men's room first before I could even get on line for the ladies room. Just a little bit of background there as well.
So we get to the movies for a 5:00 PM movie and because I had just eaten I decided to get another soda, a really large soda at the movie theaters. So I already had that medium Sprite soda that hadn't quite hit my bladder yet and then I also got a really large Sprite soda because after I eat I get really really thirsty. Needless to say by 6 PM I couldn't wait and I had to run to use the ladies room. Luckily it was not very far from the theater I was in and I was able to run and use it really quickly and get back without missing more than a few minutes of the movie, I didn't even bother wiping or washing my hands I have to admit, because I was in such a rush to get back as I usually do not like to use the bathroom in the middle of a movie, but I knew I would be really uncomfortable if I didn't. Fortunately at the time I went that first time the restroom was completely empty. I noted that the restroom had six stalls in the ladies room.
The movie continued until about 7:40 PM, at which time I had completely finished the large so that I had gotten. Because these movies always have something after the credits we waited until after all the credits before leaving. Ironically it was a message from Capt. America about the virtue of patience and how you wait so long for something disappointing, so the whole thing was kind of a joke that was strangely relevant to my current situation! But what wasn't a joke was by the fact that by the time the movie was over I was positively bursting! I normally don't get that desperate at the movies, especially when I already went during the middle of the movie, but I had drank a real real lot and my bladder was still sore and weak from the other day, so all the odds were against me.
So of course I have to use the restroom and I go to the nearest restroom only to find is closed for cleaning, great, perfect timing! Thank God they had two ladies rooms and they had the good sense to keep one of them open. But by then all the theaters had already let out and a lot of people left before the ending credits were completely over, meaning that all those women who left as soon as the credits started rolling had a head start to getting in line for the bathroom, and what a line there was! I was kind of thinking I might encounter a line today as I am not used to going to these large theaters, but good God was the line enormous beyond my wildest expectations!
By the time I get down the hallway to the second ladies room I would say the line was at least 15 people at the door, actually it was 17 in front of me, I counted because I had time! The really good thing though that was just like totally amazing, is right in front of me in line, actually right behind me originally (this will change as you see) was this dropdead gorgeous Asian woman! I literally couldn't believe my luck. I have probably mentioned here before that I am totally gaga for Asian women, but pretty much never see any anywhere, but today was like my super lucky day because not only was there this gorgeous Asian woman right behind me, but she was doing a very obvious pee dance! I could see her tapping her foot and crossing her legs subtly and changing motions every couple of seconds and there was absolutely no way that she could hide it. This of course was making me extremely excited but I try to maintain my composure as much as possible because I didn't want to totally and obviously lez out on this stranger that I had never met before.
My cousins think that maybe I should just wait until I get home to go to the bathroom because my one cousin had to leave right away, but he came in his own car so he left. But I said I really had to go to the bathroom and it was at least a half hour ride home, and it wasn't a lie that I was completely bursting. So my cousin said that he would go and wait for me in the lobby area. While we were waiting in that line another woman actually came up, took a look at the line and shook her head and said "I will just go after the movie." So apparently she had just arrived at the movie already needing to go and was planning to hold it the entire time! I certainly wouldn't be able to do that comfortably, but thinking about that was a happy thought!
Of course fortuitously when my cousin came over to talk to me in line the Asian woman very clearly heard me say that I had to go really really bad, so once my cousin left she commented about how it was terrible that the other restroom was closed for cleaning and we got into some brief chitchat about the length of the line and how badly we both had to go to the bathroom. I would almost never start a conversation like that with a stranger in line, but luckily she overheard me say how badly I had to go to the bathroom and she started the conversation, so it didn't really feel as awkward to bring up the topic. I mean what else are you going to talk about in the situation anyway?
In addition she also had two little children with her, a boy and a girl, I don't know how old as I am terrible at estimating age, who also looked like they were doing the telltale signs of the pee pee dance. Normally I kind of find children annoying in these type of situations, but I have to admit it was rather adorable seeing them dancing around. Then the little girl tugged on her mother's leg and said "mommy I have to pee" and that was just so damn endearing. The little boy was bugging his mom asking if he could just go use the boys room by himself but she said that they should stay together as someone could kidnap him or something like that, and he looked like he was probably only five or six years old (again I am terrible at estimating age) and I was kind of glad when the mother said that he had to stay waiting in the ladies room line because maybe it is an experience that will teach them something! It immediately brought up all those memories of those times when my cousins were able to go to the bathroom and I had to wait in line separately afterwards, so at least this mother had a more egalitarian attitude.
This of course was the perfect segue into a conversation about the fact that I remembered when I was a little girl I used to go to this theater all the time but I hadn't been there in years and it seemed like nothing had really changed, even though the place looked pretty different, the layout of the restrooms in that hallway was still the same and exactly as I remembered it, it was almost uncanny.
As we continued to slowly move up in line her daughter kept doing her pee dance and complaining about how badly she had to go and her mother kept telling her you just have to wait. I told her to get use to it, although I thought maybe that was a rather snappy remark to say to a young child, but I couldn't resist it as I was again thinking of my childhood and everything. So I said that as a woman you should get used to waiting in line for the bathroom.
Seeing both mother and daughter, as well as her little boy to a lesser extent, dancing around clearly very desperate was of course intoxicating. So finally I just decided to say it, clearly they looked like they were in an emergency, so I said why don't you cut me in line. Essentially that means letting three people in front of me in line, but if they were in front of me I would get a better view to them dancing! So again I didn't really do it entirely out of altruism, even though I should emphasize this, I really was quite bursting! So even if I had an ulterior motive I would still like to think that I had done a good deed today.
Eventually we get in the actual door of the bathroom and I estimate that there was probably about 20 to 25 women in the bathroom itself. It was impossible to count everyone all at once because of the way the bathroom was arranged as there was lots of twists and turns (I'm going to attach some pictures of a similar looking restroom arrangement that I had seen, so the pictures of the lines that I am posting with the twisting and turning is quite accurate). But essentially there was at least a good 20 to 25 women in front of us for about six stalls (the same as the other restroom which was closed for cleaning as I mentioned earlier). So I have to figure at that point there is probably a least a good 10 or 15 minutes of waiting left and I can see the Asian woman and her children looked visibly distressed, and the children started whining some more about the length of the line.
By then we are by the sinks, so we are standing there near the sinks in line as the woman who already got to go to the bathroom are washing their hands, running the loud trickling water, just to set the scene for you! So by then her children looked positively frantic and her daughter can't stop dancing around and tugging on her mom's leg. Then the Asian woman asks if she thinks that she should ask the other women in front of her in line if she could go ahead of them because their child has a real emergency. I can't help but think that maybe she had just as much of an emergency so wasn't entirely thinking of her kids! I mean I am sure that it was her kids who were a priority, but at the same time I couldn't help but think she was thinking, if both my kids can cut ahead at least it means I have less of a wait as well. She was dancing quite a bit.
I asked her if she thinks it's a real emergency and she says that her daughter doesn't kid around and she was worried she would have an accident (her daughter I mean). However when she said that her daughter might have an accident I can see that she was clearly crossing her own legs and very subtly grabbing herself, which made me want to grab myself as well, but I maintained my composure! She had no idea how exciting that I was finding this whole situation, although I was not unsympathetic to her daughter, even though I didn't want to see this sexy Asian woman suddenly stop putting on this great show of legs crossing and crotch grabbing!
So all I could do at that point we shrug my shoulders and I said I guess all you can do is ask the other women ahead of us in line if she could cut. I won't lie, I was kind of hoping that they would say no, and I thought that they would say no, but when she went up to the front of the line and her daughter was dancing like crazy looking like she was about to cry the women in front of the line were generally sympathetic, so the Asian woman and her children got the next stall to open, thus ending this excellent pee pee dance parade! To say I was a bit disappointed would be rather an understatement as I figured had she not cut in line she probably would have been waiting another 10 or 15 minutes right in front of me!
I don't know if she let her children go to the bathroom first or she did, but she was in that stall for a couple of minutes and I had my eyes trained carefully on it. What I am saying is that she took a fair amount of time and wasn't in any rush! But eventually she comes out of the stall and I am still in line near the sinks and she goes over to the sink nearest to me and starts washing her hands, again with that loud trickling water and with a big smile of relief on her face. You could tell just how relieved she looked because she looked so comfortable and relaxed in contrast to before. She turns to me, taps me on the shoulder, and thanks me again for letting her cut in line and I said no problem. Meanwhile my bladder feels like it's about to explode and I probably have at least another 10 minutes of waiting ahead of me (actually it was 13, I should mention I had a watch with me so I was timing everything LOL).
So I basically stood there smiling at her and at that point was crossing my own legs. She kind of takes a look at me and smiles before leading her children out of the restroom and I couldn't help but think, was she smiling over the fact that I let her cut in line, or she smiling because she saw me crossing my legs. I will never know, but I would like to secretly think that maybe it was the later! Again these are situations where you can't really tell but I could see that as soon as she saw my legs were crossed that was when she seemed to smile the biggest. Or maybe she was just being a total ditch and taking advantage of my kindness thinking, well glad I'm not her, I got to go and she still holding it now. But I am probably reading too much into it in my twisted sick mind.
The rest of my wait was mostly uneventful after the beautiful Asian woman left. There was this one woman, a black woman wearing tight jeans, in front of me who I think might have had to poop or something. She was putting her hands in her pockets and kept saying "come on, come on" and I mentioned to her it's quite a wait isn't it. She simply said that this was ridiculous and I think that she was rather annoyed that the Asian woman and her children had gotten to go ahead of her in line. Most of the other people in the line just looked rather impatient and there was at least one other woman with a small child but she did not cut anyone in line.
Finally it was my turn and I practically ran into the stall and pulled down my tiny little red skirt (I had this new skirt that I was wearing today that I have to admit made me feel rather self-conscious because it was much shorter than I would normally be wearing, for any of those who care about what a person was wearing in these type of scenarios, seeing as I seem to get asked that question a lot and I usually don't remember what I was wearing, but I am writing it down here so I don't forget). I probably peed for like a good minute or more and then I sat there taking my time, which I admit is a rather bitchy thing to do, but for a moment I thought that I had to poop or something, but luckily that was not the case.
I washed my hands and I did so slowly as I looked in the mirror so I could see the other people waiting in line and I counted that there were probably about 13 people in line after me at that point. But then I got out of the bathroom and by then I had been in there for probably 20 or 25 minutes and my cousin was wondering what took me so long as we could have probably gotten home in that time. As it turns out it did take me another half hour to get home after that and when I got home I went to the bathroom yet again!
But once again I did discuss the whole bathroom issue a little bit. When my cousin was asked me what was taking so long I said that it was because one of the ladies rooms was closed and there was only six stalls in the restroom, so I took the opportunity to ask him how many toilets there were in the men's room since he used it earlier. He told me that there was four stalls and four urinals, so once again the men had more places to pee, doubly so since they had both of their restrooms open!
Once again I have noticed that it seems like the ladies room is closed more often or out of order more often than the men's room, and from talking to other people about this it seems like they agree. People who clean the restroom say that it seems like the women clog up the restrooms more often, partially because they put a lot of paper in and that clogs up the toilet. And sometimes you will find toilets that aren't flushed. But you can see the problem in that between the two bathrooms the men had about 16 places to pee and the women had six, meaning the men had nearly 2 1/2 times as many places to go, and did I mention that men can pee a lot faster before, because I think I might have!
But I have to say it was a very memorable experience and I am glad things transpired as they did. It's very rare that something this exciting and interesting happens. I was kind of hoping I would witness some type of a line even though I felt guilty about holding my cousin up, but it was worth it, because I saw an Asian woman desperate! That was like something on my bucket list and needless to say it made me quite horny! So all in all it was a pretty awesome day and I hope that we will go back to that theater again sometime soon, as it's still the way I remember it from when I was a child, and I am glad about that!
I actually went so far as when I got home later I googled pictures of the specific theater where I went hoping that maybe I would find pictures of the bathroom. I actually did find a picture someone took of one of the toilets in there as well as the layout of the restroom. I also found an old picture of the concession stand which is different than it looks now. If you look at that picture and go to the right hand side you will see two doors in the background, those are the bathrooms, with the ladies room being the left-hand one. Just so that people can picture this more accurately as every story is better with pictures.
I have to admit I wish I was one of those people who would carry around a phone with a camera in it but I am one of those few people who doesn't even use cell phones at all, mostly because I'm not very social as this outing with my cousin was the first thing I have done with anyone in months. But I would have loved to have gotten a picture or a video of that Asian girl. I will never see her again short of an astonishing coincidence, but she was one of those people I will probably never forget now and I will always wonder if she was ever in a similar situation again. It's weird to think that you will see these people in these awkward situations like that and never know them again, but for a half hour today she gave me a really entertaining time and I will be forever grateful for that!
The other pictures here of women waiting in the bathroom line is just something I found on the Internet that looks kind of similar to the bathroom line layout at the theater but are not actual pictures from my theater. Just pointing that out for anyone who is interested. I do feel that having some visual examples makes this a bit more interesting and easier to picture because I feel that I am not as good with description as I am with dialogue when it comes to writing.
I guess that is all for now but that is my excellent story. I have been trying to get off of my fetish that I have been really interested in for the last couple of days, but clearly that will not be happening tonight and probably not for the next few days. I am totally psyched up over this whole thing and I know what I will be masturbating to for the next couple of days, weeks and months!
And as always here I end with a couple of links. I don't really have that many this time though because I have been sick lately and until recently I haven't been keeping up with all of my fetish sites and everything. But these are some pretty good sites and I hope you enjoy. Most are about this recent example of a lack of potty parity. But also a couple of tumblers that are my longtime favorites. These are the ones I keep open pretty much all the time. I recently got a new computer and I saved all of the links that I visit regularly in a document pad so I will include those as well.
-http://www.xvideos.com/video12447833/extreme_public_piss (73 min. of outdoor public peeing)
-http://www.xvideos.com/video23243843/public_lesbian_pussy_eating_peeing_and_piss_drinking (43 min. of lesbian pee action!)
-http://deadspin.com/oilers-eliminate-womens-bathrooms-to-improve-experience-1794892001? (I have to admit my bladder cringed when I read this but also it would be an extremely exciting situation to be because of the extreme unfairness of it. Eliminating women's room so the men won't have to wait, infuriating, but also exciting if you are into desperation!)
-https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/may/11/edmonton-oilers-womens-bathrooms-female (more on the same issue with the most telling line being –“Women are constantly standing in line, sometimes 60 people deep, and they do it quietly while men breeze through, and you have to ask how it’s possible that we’re still at this stage,” Chemaly said.)
-http://blogs.mprnews.org/newscut/2017/05/in-battle-of-the-bathrooms-women-are-still-losing/ (“I go to the washroom that’s always the women’s washroom and it’s a men’s washroom,” Oilers fan Charlene Zacharuk told Global News earlier this month. “So we make our way three-quarters of the way around the building and the women’s washroom is 60 deep. There was no lineup at the men’s washroom that was previously the women’s washroom, so that made it even more frustrating.”)
-https://twitter.com/i/moments/829781794308374530 (Girls on the toilet.)
-https://www.mediamatic.net/en/page/233836/potty-parity-what-does-it-mean (article about potty parity.)
-http://econlife.com/2017/02/potty-parity/(potty parity and women's economy.)
-http://tucson.com/news/local/bonnie-henry-issue-of-potty-parity-flush-with-contention/article_3c3dd4d6-baa9-56b2-ad00-32f4d3d52283.html (an old but good article about potty parity.)
-http://www.hercampus.com/school/american/potty-parity-american-university (a lack of potty parity at American University.)
-http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/congress-considers-potty-parity-bill-women/story?id=10624844 ('Potty Parity' Bill to End Some Long Ladies' Room Lines)
http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/540072 (My survey)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqNDLTH2Lm0 (12 hours urinating)

A Hot Naked Asian Girl Gets Locked outside Desperate to Pee
desperate avatar
As usual I haven't updated my blog very much because I don't really live a very interesting life but here's just a few brief updates. I had my surgery in February and luckily everything went well. I was in the hospital for at least a week then I was sick another week and then I wasn't able to solid food for a while after that, but fortunately I eventually recovered and now I haven't back to the hospital in three months, which is about twice as long as I normally go. Normally I am sick every 6 to 8 weeks but so far I have been going three months strong without being sick. I have felt sick couple of days and vomited a little bit here and there, but no hospitalizations. I am not going to get prematurely optimistic though as I have gone this long before only to then get sick. I have always said that if I can go six months without going to the hospital maybe I am finally really getting better, but again I am going to wait to see what happens before I get too excited as I do feel like that I am probably going to get sick soon in the near future if current signs are any indication. I also don't like to get prematurely optimistic because the last time I did was back in November 2016 when I thought America wouldn't elect a racist misogynistic bigoted rapist for president, but apparently I was wrong.

But enough about the decline of our country into fascism, let's get to talking about the topic of this blog, all of my weird freaky fetishes! I haven't really had any new fetish experiences or any particularly memorable desperation experiences. A few lines at the movie theater here and there and a couple of times I was desperate but nothing astonishing or earth shattering. I had to go to court a couple of days ago and I was pretty desperate but nothing like the last time when I had to go for jury duty. So as usual I don't really have all that much to report as far as new experiences go.

Tonight so I was looking at some really great videos (see the end of my links) of this Japanese girl who got locked outside of her apartment naked and everyone was taking pictures. That gave me a great idea for a story along similar lines but I also decided to include pee desperation to make it better! So without further ado here is a completely fictional story that I just thought of tonight called A Hot Naked Asian Girl Gets Locked outside Desperate to Pee! I probably could have given it a shorter title but I can say that the story delivers what the title promises! I will try to write more fiction in the future so that I can update this blog more often even though it distracts attention from my more serious writing which I will not talk about here because I wish to remain as anonymous as possible on this blog, which is my secret crazy fetish blog!

Now here is A Hot Naked Asian Girl Gets Locked outside Desperate to Pee!

A Hot Naked Asian Girl Gets Locked outside Desperate to Pee
Kimiko was thrilled because today her fiancé was going to have all of his friends and family come over to meet her for the first time and she wanted to make a good impression on them.
She got undressed and was trying to decide what to wear when she suddenly heard a loud noise coming from outside. It sounded like Piddler, her dog, named as such because he was always urinating all over everything and if she didn't let him outside in time she would always have something to clean up.
Without even thinking to throw something on she ran downstairs and right into the backyard to see what was the trouble. As soon as she got outside she realized that she was naked and decided she had better get right back into the house but before she could the dog came running through her legs and right into the house causing the door to close shut.
She turned around and saw to her horror and the door was locked when she tried pulling on it. "No!" she shouted as she pounded on the door. "No no no!"
She could feel her pulse running as panic mode set in. She grabbed hold of herself and thought that she just had to stay calm and concentrate. But that was when she noticed another problem, she had to pee, and not just had to pee, she had to pee incredibly bad!
"I really need to use the freaking bathroom!" she said as she grabbed herself, both to try and get control of her bladder and to cover herself up a little bit.
She stood there at the door for a couple of moments dancing in place as she tried thinking of what to do but it was hard for her to concentrate because of the overwhelming pressure in her bladder.
That was when she remembered that she always kept a spare key hidden under the welcome mat, but unfortunately the welcome mat was in the front of the house and there was no way she could get to it without running out front naked, and she would just die of embarrassment if her fiancé happened to be out there. But she felt she didn't have all that much choice or much time. She might just have to make a run for it and hope for the best.
Slowly and carefully she looked over the backyard gate to see into the front yard. The coast looked clear but just as she was going to open the door she saw her fiancé's car pull up.
"Dammit!" she cursed under her breath. She didn't know what she was going to do now and she could barely concentrate over the throbbing pain in her bladder. "Stupid dog, this is all your fault!" she said as she pointed to the dog through the glass of the back door window while she continued standing there holding herself.
From the front of the house she could hear the doorbell ringing and someone pounding on the door after that. She could hear Jake, her fiancé, yelling at the door. "Kimiko, are you in there?!"
Almost out of instinct she was about to shout that she was in the backyard but then she remembered she was stark naked and about to wet herself. If it were just her fiancé and not all of his friends and family with him it would almost be understandable and maybe even a bit exciting to be in such a situation.
Suddenly she started to have just such a fantasy of Jake coming and finding her naked and quivering in the backyard ready to pee herself and come to her rescue. It would almost be like kind of romantic in a twisted kind of way.
Then she was interrupted from her fantasy when she heard her phone ringing inside of the house. Jake was probably trying to call her and there was no way she could get to her phone.
"Think Kimiko think," she said to herself as she felt a spasm in her bladder that almost caused her to lose control right then and there.
"Kimiko are you in the backyard?!" Jake's voice echoed in the distance. "She's probably in the backyard or something because otherwise she would answer her phone."
"Maybe she is in the bathroom," a female voice said. "I know that when I am in the bathroom I never come to the door or answer my phone. When nature calls you just can't wait. When you got to go you gotta go!"
Kimiko began pulling her hair tightly. "Christ I have to pee!" she muttered under her breath as she grit her teeth but she realized that that wasn't even her greatest problem at the moment!
"Kimiko we're coming into the backyard!" Jake's shouted as she saw the gate began to open.
Seeing no other option she quickly ran into the woods behind her house as fast as she could and hope that nobody would notice her bolting naked through the forest!
As she continued running she could feel every movement causing another spasm in her bladder causing her to stop to grab herself. It would be a real absurd sight if Jake and his friends were to catch her in such a state grabbing herself and running naked through the forest. That would be the most humiliating event of her life, so why was it turning her on so much?!
"Maybe she is off in the forest somewhere," said one of Jake's friends.
Kimiko dived behind some bushes and hoped that no one would see her. She would just have to stand perfectly still. Unfortunately a big breeze came by and the bushes began tickling against her legs and buttocks and it took all of her willpower to resist screeching out and giving her location away.
Why do I have to be so damn ticklish?! she thought as she could feel the leaves of the bushes brushing against every inch of her body as she stood there holding herself trying not to release her bladder. Then very slowly and carefully she found herself fingering her clitoris which she could feel was engorged and aching for attention.
Within about a minute Jake and his friends were all just a few inches away but she was luckily concealed behind the really tall bushes.
"I don't see her Jake," said one of his buddies.
"I don't know where she could possibly be," said Jake. "She didn't answer her phone and she didn't answer the door, now I'm beginning to get worried."
She wanted to say something but of course she couldn't, so all she could do was stand there trying not to scream as she held her bladder as the leaves of the bushes brushing up against her skin kept tickling her like crazy and at the same time making her so aroused that she could barely contain herself!
"Well I can't wait for her to open the door to the house, I have to pee and I have to pee right now," said Jake as he began unzipping his pants.
What?! Kimiko thought as Jake went over to the bushes and began urinating very forcefully on them, some of his urine splattering onto her legs and pooling around at her feet.
"Ahhhhhhhhh!" she screamed as she couldn't contain herself for a minute longer.
"Kimiko?!" Jake said as he pulled the bushes away revealing Kimiko standing there naked and holding herself with his urine dripping down her legs.
"Hi, nice to meet all of you," Kimiko said as she covered herself up with one hand and waved coyly with the other as Jake and all of his friends gathered around her while covering up their own bulging erections, whereas the women in the group just sort of blushed and covered their mouths as they couldn't help but giggling.
She couldn't possibly imagine what could be more embarrassing, and luckily she didn't have to imagine for very long as a few seconds later she could feel her own bladder release and a thick stream of urine start gushing between her fingers as she continued trying to hold herself. As that happened she experienced the most powerful orgasm of her life and couldn't help but scream out with a big smile on her face.
The experience was mortifying and humiliating beyond words but she had never felt more turned on in her entire life.
After a couple of seconds she managed to regain her composure and explain what happened and everyone was understanding about it but she is sure that one of them took a couple of pictures of her with his camera phone which she didn't even seem to mind all that much as she didn't even say anything.
Jake retrieved the key from under her welcome mat in the front of the house and she was able to get cleaned up and get dressed. After she overcame the initial awkwardness they had a pretty good laugh about the whole thing.
Then once Jake's friends and family left they had some of the best sex that they had ever had in their lives. She never knew how much he was turned on by danger and humiliation, and looking back on it it was perhaps the most exciting day of her life.
Her dog got extra kibble that night.

And as always I and with everyone's favorite (from the feedback I've gotten anyway) segment of the links that I have amassed in the four months since I last updated. It's not as much as I sometimes have but I have been getting my fetishes under control lately and focusing more on my serious writing so I think I have become more disciplined. Also the fact that I was sick for several weeks totally kills any interest in my fetish, which is both a good and bad thing as I get more of my serious writing accomplished, but it means that I am probably not feeling very vital or interested and it means that I probably won't update this blog as much as when I am out of my mind with horniness over my fetishes! It is weird how I can go through these cycles where I can be totally obsessed one day and then completely disinterested the next day, perhaps it's hormonal or something. But it does go a lot with my health because when I am sick I totally lose interest in this stuff and then I am slow to regain that interest. Of course if I have a new interesting experience that is enough to instantly shoot me through the roof and then I will be on a binge for several days at least!
But enough about that, enjoy these links!

-http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/01/your-guide-to-peeing-during-the-womens-march-2017.html (I knew I would be able to find something like this as soon as I looked it up. One of my friends went to one of the New York marches but didn't say anything about there. I knew another person who said that they went to Washington DC and she said that the lines there were astonishing!)
-http://www.youngcons.com/women-waiting-line-bathroom-sexist/ (Bathrooms lines ARE sexist, but sexy as well if you have a weird fetish.)
-https://eroshare.com/hxckodjt (Tried hard not to flood!)
-http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=362154887 (lots of women peeing.)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fycqzteifsA (Flushing 8 toilets.)
-http://www.xvideos.com/video17053031/making_a_sandwich (woman desperate and making a sandwich.)
-http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2578587/Kristen-Bell-admits-pee-preserve-jar-Oscars-Roberto-Cavalli-gown.html (actress admits being so desperate that she had to pee in a jar before Oscars.)
-http://evoke.ie/extra/9-daily-struggles-of-women-who-always-need-to-pee (I can kind of relate.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV0itS8hdEA (Female elephant peeing.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGg18XSGEqs (Pee! The Shy Bladder Helper.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEXE2Y4yi7w (If you don't need a pee at the end. WOW )
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqNDLTH2Lm0 (Urinating sound 12 hours. I keep this one permanently open when I am playing holding hands, a totally awesome clips. I would download and saved it but it's like 3 GB since the damn thing is 12 hours long!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ9oyaRSLlM (No Pee, No Peace – The Fight for Women’s Rights Starts in the Queue)
-https://feminisminindia.com/2016/09/21/discrimination-by-design-patriarchy/ (Lack of toilets in India)
-http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/opinion/katrina-stokes-glenelg-shopkeepers-should-have-thrown-out-the-rules-when-pregnant-teresa-palmer-asked-to-use-their-toilet/news-story/21910d378952015da67540c406250bef (Katrina Stokes: Glenelg shopkeepers should have thrown out the rules when pregnant Teresa Palmer asked to use their toilet)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jj4lh8UEwQ (girl gots to pee)
-https://www.blogger.com/feeds/1875037844299219080/posts/default (desperation pictures)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf_WG-vRFFc (Trying to hold 3 hours)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8lhGmZmnWg (Waiting for the loo)
-http://untappedcities.com/2015/12/15/the-best-bathrooms-at-nycs-met-museum-are-next-to-an-ancient-chinese-male-urinal/(I wish I had known about that while I went there but then I wouldn't have accounted that gigantic line and I wouldn't have a great story to tell. But it looks like the men's also get six toilets and nothing has changed since I have been there. But the guys probably get urinals as well and 50 women waiting for six stalls is a very long wait indeed!)
-http://untappedcities.com/2014/02/24/hold-it-in-why-are-most-bathrooms-in-the-nyc-subway-locked/ (NYC bathrooms.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouF8GFzg__U(Best Bathroom at the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
-http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/14/nyregion/14bathrooms.html (For comparison to public facilities, the restrooms at the Metropolitan Museum of Art were also visited. With chutzpah, you can avoid paying the museum’s suggested $20 adult admission.
The main restrooms in the Egyptian Wing are just past “Egypt Under Roman Rule 30 B.C. — 400 A.D.” and are clean and well lighted, if busy. A bathroom attendant visited twice in the space of 10 minutes.)
-https://stevetokar.wordpress.com/tag/metropolitan-museum/ (Ladies room)
-http://collegecandy.com/2015/07/20/bathroom-line-conversations-all-girls-have/ (Bathroom chats!)
-https://www.nytimes.com/2017/02/07/theater/broadways-bathroom-problem-have-to-go-hurry-up-or-hold-it.html (Bathroom lines at theaters.)
-http://www.shittytube.com/desperate-to-poop-1-video (woman desperate to poop)
-http://www.xpee.com/video/7773/cory-chase-is-desperate (Woman desp for both!)
-http://freefetishpics.tumblr.com/post/159982074954/alisha-races-to-the-toilet-extremely-desperate-to (Desperate woman uses toilet.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIUxuWvqko8 (What it feels like being a girl has to pee and seeing the bathroom line. This film is actually perfect although it probably would have been even better with the soundtrack.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dPcpRk8cbv8 ( Girls uses the boys's bathroom)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Rkajq1w3FE (two girls, one... bathroom)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mmClzrQ0z8 (hot Asian girl really has to pee badly!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHerNxQSQng (Gotta Go Right Now!)
http://www.xvideos.com/video4332018/cute_japanese_girl_running_naked_outdoor (All self explanitory and all great!)

A Very Desperate New Year's
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I have to admit that as usual I haven't updated because nothing really particularly interesting has been happening as far as my fetish goes or desperation goes. Unfortunately I have been sick a real lot the last couple of months with my acid reflux acting up severely. I was sick right before Thanksgiving, again before Christmas and again just this first week of the year. More unfortunately is that there was something wrong with me and I will need more stomach surgery which means even more time in the hospital. And when I am sick like this I pretty much lose all interest in my fetishes.

But almost every single year when they have that ball dropping in New York at New Year's I always think how people are rounded up into corrals and they aren't allowed to go to the bathroom for hours and have to stay in place all that time and that made me think that would be a good idea for a fictional story! So the following story is completely fictional as I would never be crazy enough to actually go to the city on New Year's Day like that and I can't understand why anyone would, even though it would probably be great for desperation sightings. Sadly I rarely come across anyone who has any to share as far as New Year's goes, but here's a story where that does happen! My life maybe boring but I have a vivid imagination. So without further ado…

A Very Desperate New Year's
"I can't believe we are going to finally get to see the ball drop in Times Square," said Stacy. "I have wanted to do this for years and years."
"I know, it's pretty cool isn't it," said Brad, her boyfriend.
"I have been looking forward to it for a long time," said Linda, her sister. "But the thing is I really really have to pee. All the coffee I have been drinking to stay warm is going straight through me."
"I'm afraid we can't leave the corral, ladies," said Brad. "Once we are in our assigned spots were not allowed to leave or we will lose them."
"But the ball isn't going to drop for hours!" Linda screamed as she suddenly crossed her legs tightly.
"Hey, I told you not to drink so much," said Brad as he shrugged his shoulders.
"So we are just supposed to hold it in?" Stacy asked as she suddenly stopped sipping on her coffee.
"Hey you were the ones who wanted to come here," said Brad. "I probably could have stayed at home and watched this without freezing my nuts off like I do every year. It seems like a lot of hubbub just to watch the ball drop and be sprinkled with confetti."
"Don't say the word sprinkled," Linda said as she put her hands between her legs and began hopping from foot to foot. "There's no way I can possibly last hours."
"It'll be okay, just hold on and I am sure that the time will pass like nothing," said Stacy, who didn't want to admit to herself that she was also starting to feel a tingle between her loins begging for relief.
The three of them stood there for a long time slowly sipping their coffee to stay warm in spite of the fact that their bladders were filling up rather quickly.
"We still have nearly 4 hours to go!" Linda shouted as she paced back and forth in that small area trying to control herself. "I'm going crazy here."
"Just don't think about it," said Stacy as she discreetly stepped on her own foot to distract herself from the growing need in her own bladder.
"I can't help it, I'm about to piss myself!" Linda said as she pulled on her hair.
"Well that might warm you up," said Stacy who started jogging in place both to keep warm and to keep her mind focused off of her bladder. She could see her breath in front of her face while she was jogging.
"I'm not joking around here, this is an emergency," Linda said as she practically twisted her body into a pretzel to take the pressure off.
"You shouldn't have finished your coffee so quickly," Stacy said as she shook her head as she took a sip of her own coffee to realize that she had just finished hers as well. "Well I guess I jinxed myself there."
"I'm almost tempted to pee in that cup myself!" Linda said as she grabbed the cup and rolled it in her hands. "But there's no way I could do that discreetly and I wouldn't want to get photographed in a crowd like this peeing into a cup as that would be all over the Internet in no time flat."
"Well if you're not going to use it I will," said Brad as he grabbed the cup. "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation ladies and it made me realize that I'm about to piss myself as well." Very discreetly Brad took his penis out and started peeing into the cup. He managed to fill it to the top before dumping it onto the street and continued to fill it more.
"That's gross!" Stacy shouted as Brad dumped the pee onto the ice below.
"But effective!" said Brad as he handed the cup back to Linda.
"Sure if you have a penis and don't mind nearly freezing it off," said Stacy, who began to do a subtle pee dance that did not go unnoticed.
"I could really use a penis right now," Linda said with a laugh as she grabbed herself and started hopping rapidly in place and swinging her arms back and forth. "I seriously can't remember the last time I had to pee so freaking bad."
"Then just go in the cup," said Brad. "I am sure that you can do it discreetly."
"No way!" said Linda as she stood there holding the cup and dancing.
"Suit yourself," said Brad. "But we still have a long wait ahead of us so you might change your tune in a short amount of time."
A short amount of time later…
"I'm dying here," Linda said as her eyes began watering. "There's no way I'm going to make it. Maybe there is some way I can pee in the cup."
"How?" Stacy asked.
"Maybe you could hold it for me and I could pull my pants down a bit and just pee into the cup," said Linda as she handed Stacy the cup.
"You really think you can maneuver like that? But I don't want to hold a cup that you're going to pee in, you'll pee all over my hands!"
"I totally won't!"
"You certainly will!"
"Wow you girls really are getting desperate," said Brad with a laugh, his own urinary needs met by the cup not long before, his urine still frozen to the ground right beneath them as a painful and tantalizing reminder.
"Give me the cup I'll do it myself!" Linda shouted as she grabbed the cup. But as soon as she grabbed the cup she uncrossed her legs and soon she began frowning.
"What's the matter?" Stacy asked but that was when she noticed a wet spot appearing on Linda's pants. It wasn't obvious because she was wearing dark pants, but Stacy had been staring directly at her and could see the liquid going down her legs, which was driving her out of her mind with desperation as she suddenly remembered her own need that came screaming back to the surface!
"I peed myself!" said Linda who was turning red with embarrassment.
"Gross," said Brad as he laughed.
"Humiliating!" Stacy shouted.
"But it was so worth it," said Linda and she simply smiled. "And I actually do feel warmer right now!"
Stacy stuck her fingers in her mouth and bit down on her hand.
"What's the matter Stacy?" Linda asked.
"I still have to pee!" Stacy shouted as she tightly crossed her legs and began rubbing her knees, both to get them warm and to try and take her mind off her bladder. "I think all of the hot urine inside of me is probably the only thing that is keeping me warm right now. The rest of me feels completely numb."
"You think you can make it?" Linda asked.
"I am going to try."
And try Stacy did! She somehow managed to get to the next couple of hours without an accident and soon it was time for the ball to drop.
"10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, happy new year!" everyone counted down and shouted. Several people started hugging each other but all Stacy could think about was that she needed to pee, and she needed to pee fast!
"So was it worth waiting all that time ladies?" Brad asked.
"You know in spite of everything, it was," Linda said.
"What about you Stacy?" Brad asked.
"I need a freaking bathroom!" Stacy shouted. "You have to find me one right away."
Stacy took off and the two followed shortly after as she pushed her way through the crowd looking for a store that might have an open bathroom. After a few blocks they finally found a store that was open but it had a huge line for the one toilet.
"There are like 20 or 30 people in line out the door!" Linda shouted. "Maybe you can find another place?"
"No, I am staying right here!" Stacy shouted as she got into line and started bobbing up and down and biting her lip.
The next 20 min. passed slower than Stacy thought possible and the line only inched forward a few people. But finally after what seemed like eternity it was nearly her turn when the girl in front of her came out. "Sorry, I clogged it," she said as she left the bathroom. "Guess you'll have to find some place else to go."
"Well that's a bummer isn't it," said Brad, to which he and Linda began laughing.
"Fuck it," Stacy said as she ran into the bathroom slammed the door behind her and sat down in the sink and let it rip. She couldn't believe just how much she had peed and how long she had been holding it for and soon the entire sink was drenched. The sink was so full of urine that she didn't want to bother washing her hands afterwards as she figured she would get less pee on herself if she didn't wash her hands.
"All done," she said as she confidently emerged from the bathroom.
"I thought someone said that the bathroom was out of order," another woman said as she hobbled over with crossed legs.
"It is, the toilet is clogged and I wouldn't use the sink either," said Stacy as she began laughing. She then decided to sit down with her companions have a pizza and some soda.
As she sat there with Brad and Linda, her bladder finally empty, all she could think of was that she started the new year off just right.

Well that's all folks, hope you enjoyed. This story again was totally fictional, but I hope that that doesn't make a difference. This one also involved some wedding which I know a lot of people like although I am mainly just into the desperation aspects. But I think it all works pretty well here but I'll leave that to you to judge.
Once again I don't know when I will update again but if I don't have any new experiences of my own to add I will try to update with some new fictional stories, for which I will never run out. So here's wishing you all a happy new year, and as usual I will end with some links I have collected since the last update. These aren't as many as usual, but like I said I have been sick and when I am sick I am not as interested in my fetish. And I know that they are everyone's favorite thing in my blog, as opposed to my excellent and future Pulitzer Prize winning writing! :P

-http://www.zishy.com/?cc=1&CA=945793-0000&PA=2560221 (Female nudity.)
-https://vimeo.com/168184858? (Nude woman modeling.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZGaYhUAXjM (People need to pee when people need to pee)
-https://www.buzzfeed.com/zahrafbarnes/urine-luck-pee-facts? (31 Things You Should Definitely Know About Pee.
Most people pee about seven times a day on average.
Of course, this varies a bit depending on how much you’re eating and drinking, Dr. Benjamin Brucker, assistant professor of urology at NYU Langone Medical Center tells BuzzFeed Life. Don’t worry if you go a little more or little less often.
2.The average healthy pee stream should last for about seven seconds.
“That varies a bit from person to person,” Brucker says, “but if you’re peeing for only two seconds even though you felt like you really needed to go, that may indicate you have other problems like an infection.” If that’s the case, call your doctor.)
-https://mega.nz/#!UtIkTR6T!FPsyHqUMXFSBkqiUkc3oOTcvcr_gLxcUbctIEi2zDNg (World record 2800ml piss 29 minutes long! I watched it while completely bursting LOL.)
-https://havepee.com/video/209 (Woman peeing on bench.)
-https://www.buzzfeed.com/erinchack/pee-horror-stories-that-will-make-you-feel-better-about-y? (Funny peeing stories.)

A Recent Experience at the Movies and Some Childhood Experiences with a Friend
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I haven't had a whole lot to say recently since it has only been a month since my last update but there are a few things that I thought I would mention because I had a couple of minor sightings and another topic that I wanted to bring up.
First I would just like to say something about the election. What the fuck is wrong with you America?! Hillary Clinton may not have been perfect but if you think a child raping white supremacist is better you have something seriously wrong with you! I always favored Bernie Sanders but Hillary Clinton was way better than this degenerate misogynist. I must say that I am pretty angry about the election results and pretty fearful about the future because I honestly think that this guy is a lunatic. But I don't want to say anymore about that because I channel my politics into my dystopian fiction writing, I try to leave them out of my fetishes.
Honestly after Donald Trump was elected I was so disgusted that I was unable to masturbate for nearly a week afterwards! I honestly don't think there's anything that is less attractive than him and that's enough to kill anyone's sex drive. I guess I had better watch my pussy for the next four years. But enough with that I suppose.
It would be interesting to see how one of my crazy scenarios would have influenced the election though! And yes, I actually did think of my scenario in regards to this election because it really was deeply and profoundly full of shit. But I do like writing satire and this election has generated a whole lot of stories in me and I have been very productive lately and fortunately haven't been sick in spite of my disgust at the election.
The only major experience I had recently was at the movie theater where I went to the movie theater by my cousin again with a large group of people as we do whenever there is a new Marvel movie out. That time I got a pretzel which I never pretty much have and unfortunately it really upset my stomach and that would be the pivotal thing that leads to the following story.
When we got to the movies I got a really large soda so by the end I was really desperate to pee and it was one of those movies where they always show stuff after the credits so there I was sitting with my legs crossed waiting for the credits to finally get over. But the pretzel had also upset my stomach a little bit and unfortunately you can probably guess where this story is going. Basically that pretzel made me have to poop, bad! Fortunately there wasn't really much of a line to the bathroom as it was pretty much empty but then when I got into the toilet I really crapped my brains out and I think of the other woman with us who is in the bathroom with me probably almost definitely heard, although she didn't say anything when we got out.
I feel that I am gradually overcoming my inhibition about pooping in public though. I guess it's not so much an inhibition so much as the fact that the embarrassment of it is also sort of a turn on as in my scenario. Of course it's not anywhere near as bad as my scenario where I would have to be doing that like crazy every 3 to 4 hours pretty much everywhere I go, but I always think of my scenario whenever I am forced to do the deed in public.
I also feel that I might be getting less prudish about using toilets that are less than spectacular or that have not been flushed. Like recently I went to the acupuncturist and the girl that used the bathroom before me didn't flush the toilet and it smelled in there and I sat down and used the toilet despite the fact that she left solid waste in there. Something about confronting my inhibitions like that sort of gives me a little bit of a buzz.
The other thing I would like to discuss though his recently I was chatting with someone about how I felt that a lot of these fetishes developed at a young age as a result of weird experiences leading to weird fetishes. I know I have brought up this topic before but I don't think I have mentioned this specifically. Basically I remember when I was younger I would frequently be the only girl in my friend group and I would have to pee and have to hold it while all these other guys were able to go wherever they wanted. I don't think that any of my friends were specifically interested in desperation but I do remember this one kid that I used to hang out with and in retrospect I definitely think he was interested in female desperation.
Back when I was in elementary school I knew this kid named James. He lived down the block from me and he was really poor so his house was like filthy and disgusting. I didn't have the class consciousness that I did back then (being the total socialist I am now) but I remember my mom said never to go inside of his house and I think that his family might have been a bunch of drug addicts or something, now that I look back on it. But at any rate I was never to go inside the house even to use the bathroom. If I had to use the bathroom I was supposed to go home to use the bathroom if that were the case.
But when I was hanging out with him in his backyard and stuff like that he would frequently go and pee in the bushes. The other thing about him though was that he was really I think cocky and arrogant over the fact that he could just whip it out and go wherever he wanted. The other thing about him though was that he was this weird religious fundamentalist or something and one thing he said was that the reason why girls had to sit to pee was like a punishment for the garden of Eden or something like that. That's why women would often have to hold it in and not have the convenience of peeing like a guy does. Now back then this was probably in like in third grade through sixth grade and he was like a year or two older than me so I kind of believed his crazy BS. Looking back though I can see why I am probably not religious now. But at the time I accepted this whole girls are being punished by having to pee sitting down belief.
Now here is where I can see he sort of had a clear interest in female desperation and I think I might have been experiencing some of my interest even then or at least starting to develop it. I am sure that I have mentioned numerous times when I was a kid I always had to pee all the time, and James definitely picked up on that! And I think that it rather annoyed me that he thought he had such a better bladder control than I did. I think that he definitely noticed when I had to pee because he would frequently asked me if I had to and I would sometimes try to deny it.
I think here is a habit that carried over. The fact is now whenever someone challenges me to a holding contest in a chat room I feel really bad if I don't accept no matter how unfair the terms. I never actually got into like a pee holding contest with this kid when I was younger, but I thought that he kind of thought that I was weak because I had to pee so much. So what would happen is when I was with him and he was whizzing all over the bushes rather than run home I would hold it in. And if we were someplace like school or going out somewhere else he would often point out the ladies room line and I think that you would sort of snicker and laugh over that. And I wanted to be sort of like the tough one so I would sort of laugh and snicker with him. Meanwhile the back of my head I really wanted to join the line and go to the damn bathroom! But when he was around I think that I would intentionally try to hold it sort of as an affront to him. "See I can hold it!" But the truth is I was often very uncomfortable and I think that he knew it and I think that secretly enjoyed that and I think that this probably had a development on my fetish as well. I remember a couple of times we were at places where there was a girl's line and he was sort of snickering at the girls in line and even though I had to pee a couple of times that discouraged me from getting on the line, I guess sort of like wanting to be a tough chick "I'm not like those other girls who can't control their bladders!"
But I do remember that we also chatted about bathroom related matters in general. Again we were just kids so there wasn't anything sexual at that age, but we clearly both shared a similar fascination with all things bathroom related and we had a similar sense of humor about all things potty related. He is another one of those people who would be interesting to meet in one of my crazy scenarios! Unfortunately after sixth grade he moved away and I have no idea what happened to him.
I also think that this interest ties into my interest in potty parity as well. I have mentioned before that until I heard of that I always just assumed it was the natural order that the ladies room line was women's fault and I think part of that comes from my conversations with James. He again said that the ladies room line was basically like a punishment and that was basically our fault because we took too long and all these other situations. And me being younger I sort of foolishly believed that so I just sort of accepted that when it came to bathroom access we were basically screwed and the guys basically were rewarded with easy access. But I think the main thing was that back then I had the belief that it was almost divinely ordained that women had to endure this situation and therein I think lies one of numerous reasons why I am fascinated in this gender divide in regards to bathroom access and how anatomy is destiny and all of that other stuff. I am sure Sigmund Freud would have a field day with someone like me if he were to read my journals! People will definitely say when I die that she focused too much on all things bathroom related.
I have chatted about this with some others and I think that people really do develop these interests younger. I think even little boys and little girls are somewhat fascinated by the fact that boys can pee wherever they want and the girls have to hold it. And I do think that it develops very quickly with little boys get fascinated seeing little girls desperate and little girls get fascinated with their own desperation and that this can continue into adulthood. Once again I think I have mentioned that I'm talking to people about this most guys said that they have developed the fetish as a result of seeing a woman desperate, whereas most women said it was from experience of actually being desperate. I guess given that it is not hard to believe as a child that this is somehow the divine order! But I definitely do think that children notice these things and I think that little boys are a little bit sadistic towards little girls in that regard! I certainly got teased by boys and girls alike when I had to go to the bathroom all the time and that is why sometimes I think I would like to prove it to them, especially to the guys, that I could hold it, even though I usually ended up running towards the bathroom desperate out of my mind at the end, which was always embarrassing.
But those were just some thoughts I decided to share while they were on my mind. Not a very large update but I thought I might as well record that while it was still fresh in my mind before I forgot about it. And as always I have some links to share. I don't know when I will update again but as soon as I have something interesting to report or I think of a good new fictional story to publish I will let you know! In the meantime enjoy these links!
http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/seafolly-boyleg-one-piece-swimsuit/4169025?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=BLACK (This is the type of swimsuit that I was wearing in my swimsuit story, as you can see the "boy leg" suit does not facilitate easy urination or defecation. You can't just pull it to the side so it's easier just to take the damn thing off even though that definitely backfired on me in my story LOL.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-R_I381TbM (Potty Emergency)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-eUFMGBtCc (Animaniacs PottyEmergency!!!)
-http://www.knicker-wetting.net/ineed2peehost/kenna-desperate/index.html (woman desperate then peeing.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otrWld-tgq4 (Long pee, loud.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGqx7SeAIi8 (Hot Girls Best PEE Vines - Pee desperate Girls)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4da8PelglcM (Potty Parity in India)
-http://shoppingandflying.blogspot.com/2008/11/fresh-restroom-design-solutions.html (The American Restroom Association discusses some prominent public restroom design issues including waiting in long lines for an open stall. Their philosophy is: “no matter what their configuration, public restrooms portals should be designed with sufficient width to accommodate peak times when users may be waiting in line. People exiting the restroom should not have to jockey their way through or collide with people waiting to enter the restroom.” The American Restroom Association suggests that a labyrinth style entrance and exit into a restroom solves the formation of long lines and more. The labyrinth design reduces the risk of hitting someone with a swinging door, prevents criminal activity since there really is no “doorway”, and allows people to wrap around it when lines form. DFW’s useful manual mentions a similar alternative: “Guideline Entries to the men’s and women’s rooms should not have doors, but switch-back or ‘T’ access halls, that are wide enough for two people to pass. The ‘T’ access is preferred for rooms with larger number of fixtures due to the improved circulation.”)
-http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-union-station-more-fixes-met-20141212-story.html (Union Station's restroom scarcity tops complaints spurred by report.)
-https://www.yelp.com/biz/ferrante-winery-and-ristorante-geneva (I will NEVER come here again. I will NEVER buy their wine again. I cannot comment on food but I can comment on service. I missed the opportunity to order because I was in line for the restroom for 30 MINUTES. The line was starting to trickle into the actual restaurant. I find it very hard to believe that there are only 3 stalls for the ladies restrooms for an establishment that seats at least 200 people.

Mind you, only 1 stall worked when we were in the restaurant. The line was trailing into the restaurant when I entered it. The owner approached me because I had complained about the situation and how I could not understand that they could not get someone out there to fix it on a Saturday. She was more concerned that I dropped an "f bomb" in front of her associates rather than addressing how she is addressing the problem (I will admit I said it once because I was enraged). She was more concerned with the reputation of the restaurant than she was with addressing the problem at hand with ALL female customers on this night. I was not the only one waiting 30 minutes plus to use a toilet.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WXlw-CctOE (Girl Pooping Girl Pee Vine Pandemic - It's On!)
-http://hdwetting.com/free-videos/ (Free peeing videos.)
-https://eroshare.com/hxckodjt (Really desperate woman wetting herself.)
-https://vk.com/id205986464?z=video339730964_456239023 (Woman holds her morning pee for 20 min.!)
-https://twitter.com/holdit4me (Desperation twitter.)
-http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=285547976 (Woman wetting herself using vibrator.)
-http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=435226289 (Lucky German girl being tickle tortured!)
-http://hdwetting.com/free-videos/free-video-tied-and-tickled/ (Lucky girl being tickle tortured til she pees herself!)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I6RUSQ-Eq4 (Long restroom line.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYbeCiOOpYI (Russian people singing in bathroom line)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7U9P4Qxs3kc (Woman in the porta potty joke)
-http://whisper.sh/stories/25b9b110-56a2-4cf7-a7c8-0d0f3eca19b9/Women-With-Large-Breasts-Confess-What-Its-Really-Like-To-Have-Them?llid=gJwrn&utm_source=source%3BFacebook_IM&utm_medium=post%3BIM&utm_campaign=InNe%3BLqSo&utm_content=9jko (Big boob confessions.)
-https://eroshare.com/wd79tc6c (Woman peeing on toilet.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4_3rLzOfXw (Who Spends the Most Time on the Toilet?)
-http://motherless.com/CF2E3AC (Girl peeing bad.)
-http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55c5cfef004f2 (Women desperate and peeing.)
PS-I'm also trying to post this thing that I found from Weekly World News about a church where everyone was naked as I remember that from way back in September 1999! I think the reason why I remembered it all of these years was because it was one of my very first exposures to any type of nudity, even if it was a censored kind.

The Locked Door Horror!
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I was chatting with one of my friends online last night and she made me realize that I haven't updated my blog in two months. The main reason is that once again I live a pretty boring life where I barely go anywhere so I don't really have all that much stories to share, even though I have a vivid imagination and I could probably write a lot more fictional stuff for here. But I know that there are a lot of people who really preferred the true stories to my wild fantasy ones.
Unfortunately as usual I have been sick a lot lately since the last time I updated so I haven't really had the greatest couple of months. But that's pretty much always true because my acid reflux usually puts me in the hospital every 6 to 8 weeks on average, but this time I relapsed after only two weeks. So I haven't really been doing all that much lately and as such not really too much new to share.
I did however have one interesting sighting, although it's probably nothing particularly exciting. Last Tuesday when I was at the movies I ended up encountering a somewhat significant line, nothing outrageous, but a bit of a wait. Usually when I go to the movies the theater is completely empty and I am the only one in the theater, but this time I went to the theater and it was actually pretty full and had a predominantly female audience, so when the movie was over and everyone piled out there was a stampede towards the ladies room as is always the case when a movie ends like that. I had to pee, but I wasn't quite bursting, but of course I definitely had to go!
I think I have mentioned this before, but there were only three stalls in the ladies room at this particular movie theater and one of them for longest time has had a broken lock on the door, so most people don't use it and they never seem to fix it, which means generally speaking there are only two stalls. But today when we I got there it turned out one of the other toilets was out of order completely. So that left one stall along with the stall with the broken lock, and since everyone avoids the broken lock one, that meant there was only one stall. That may not seem like a huge catastrophe, except there were eight women ahead of me in line! I didn't see any really obvious signs of desperation, but the woman in front of me clearly was annoyed. You just tell from her body posture that she was sort of shifting around. Again I don't think she was shifting out of desperation (although she might have been to some degree) but more out of annoyance, sort of like where you tap your foot and move around out of aggravation and sheer impatience. So the line probably ended up being like 15 min. long or something like that. I wasn't checking my watch or anything, I am just estimating. So that was a little bit of a thrill I suppose, but that's pretty much the only sighting I have had recently.
I did find something interesting online that I think I remember from over 20 years ago. I have mentioned my involuntary nudity fantasy scenario on here before where 1% of women are forced to go naked all the time. I managed to find the story online that I think first gave me that idea over 20 years ago. I found the archive available on Google of the magazine weekly world news. After looking through the archives I found in the October 21, 1997 issue the story of someone named Leeza Murth, a woman who was forced to live alone on a desert island because she had a severe allergy to all forms of clothing and fabric but was too shy and modest to join a nudist colony. I remember when I read that over 20 years ago the story of electrified my mind and I think it was one of my first stirrings of any type of sexual interest whatsoever.
Now at that age I was only a teenager so I didn't quite realize that weekly world news was a tabloid newspaper, so I thought that story might have been true and I think that that gave me lots of nightmare/fantasies of thinking – oh my God, what if I catch that disease! Being the really shy girl that I was and being that I was just starting to grow my breasts and go through puberty at the exact same time as I read that you can see how that would really have a major impact on me. So if you Google weekly world news with her name and that date you should be able to find it. I managed to make a picture file of it so maybe I can actually post that on here as an attachment or something. But if it doesn't work just Google that and you should be able to find it easily.
I am pretty sure that I have mentioned this before, I think back and June of 2012 specifically, looking through my document pad where I keep all my blog updates, but back in high school and elementary school we had a very sexist and frustrating bathroom policy and I thought maybe I would write a fictional story inspired by a real experience based on that.
Just a quick recap in case I haven't mentioned it in full. Back in high school I would always go to the bathroom between every single class if possible, or at least I would TRY to visit the bathroom between every single class as a precaution. I was glad about that in high school because now I would have the opportunity to go to the bathroom between every 45 min. class, or so I thought at least. Of course often in the bathroom were people or there would be a line so I would just skip it and hope for better luck next period as I was fanatically paranoid about making sure that I was always to class on time. Luckily it was not normally a problem because even if there was a line usually after a couple of periods I would be able to get to the bathroom before I got really desperate or anything like that.
This all changed for the disastrous worse in 11th grade. That was the year they found drugs and alcohol being hidden in the girls restroom. So what does the school do? They end up closing the girls bathroom everywhere except on the first floor. And I should really put this into perspective. This was a school of 1500 students (so assume about 750 girls) and that meant that there was one girls bathroom for the entire school with only five stalls. That's five stalls for 750 girls and we only had 4 min. between classes! It was completely and utterly ridiculous. I guess their policy was to punish everyone for the actions of a few. But as a result of that the only bathroom that was open was the one on the first floor by the nurse's office that I pretty much seldom ever went by on the way to class, it wasn't really on the way so to speak. I mostly used the bathrooms on the second or third floor near where most of the classes were.
So this was obviously very annoying for me! I was used to trying to go to the bathroom between every single class if possible because I would normally pass at least one of the three bathrooms. But now with the only one open being the one by the nurse's office this greatly inconvenienced me. I wasn't going to risk being late to class so annoyingly whenever I would go between classes I would find that the girls bathrooms on the second and third floor were completely locked. As a result of that pretty much the only time I got to go to the bathroom was if I was on the first floor and going through that hallway, or at lunch time where they don't take attendance and you can arrive whatever the hell you want so it doesn't matter if I end up spending 10 or 20 min. waiting to use the God damn bathroom, which I very often did!
But that wasn't the most frustrating thing, and again I think this goes to the reason why I have such a focus and fixation on the unfairness between men versus women using the bathroom and how much of a disadvantage it is to women. Remember I said that they found drugs and alcohol in the girls bathroom, they didn't find it in the boys bathroom, which meant the boys bathrooms on all three floors were completely open. And the boys bathroom each had two or three stalls plus like seven or eight urinals, meaning 10 places to pee per restroom. That means in the entire school the boys had about 30 places to relieve themselves while the girls had five. That means they had six times as many places to go!
My friends of course thought this was hilarious because they would always joke about how I had such a small bladder and would always be trying to go to the bathroom between every class. Now every time when we were walking to class they would be able to go into the boys room and I would push on the girls room door and it wouldn't open and I would get really frustrated and be cursing at it. I don't think that they shared my fetish because I told them about it years later and at that time I didn't really quite have it yet myself, but I think that this led to the development of that to some degree. So I think that they got a real kick out of watching me kick that door and not be able to use the bathroom until lunchtime.
So now that I have covered that as a background I thought that a good thing to do for October, being a horror novelist, was to write a true horror story about this experience in high school. So I hope you will enjoy the following which I call The Locked Door Horror! Because let's face it, when you are desperate for a pee the greatest horror in the world is to find the ladies room locked! I have changed all the names of the characters in the story to protect everyone's identities. This story is fiction. Although it is very loosely based on the situation in my school nothing as dramatic as this really happened. I am taking a lot of creative license here, but I hope you will enjoy, because that allows me to make it much more dramatic and interesting than it actually was!
The Locked Door Horror
"Damn I have to pee," I said as I waited for the bell to ring.
"You always have to pee between every single class," said Jake, my close friend.
"I haven't gone in a couple of periods now and my bladder is getting rather full," I said. "Besides I don't go between every class, sometimes there's a line, I just have to take precautions because I might not get in every single time. And then last period I went to use the ladies room and it was locked."
"Attention all students," came the voice on the announcements. "It has come to our attention that several girls have been hiding drugs and alcohol in the girls restroom. This simply will not be tolerated. Unfortunately because of a few bad apples we will have to take measures that are going to negatively affect everyone. From now on the only girls bathroom that will be open will be the one on the first floor near the nurse's office where we can keep an eye on everything. We are sorry that we have to take such drastic measures but hopefully this will teach everyone a lesson about the proper use of the restroom."
"This sucks!" I said. "I hardly ever pass by that bathroom."
"That does suck for you Jill," said Jake.
"It's not fair though, they didn't lock the men's room!"
"Yeah but they didn't find drugs in the boys restroom."
"This is like totally sexist."
That was when the bell rung. I darted out of the class with my friend Jake following fast behind me. I approached the ladies room door and I pushed on it only to find that it was locked. "Dammit!" I shouted as I pushed on it hoping that maybe it would open.
"Sucks for you," said Jake as he opened the boys room and went inside.
"Fuck," I muttered under my breath as I went down the stairs to the second floor. I saw the other ladies room and I was praying that it would be open. I pushed on the door but once again it was locked. "God dammit!" I shouted as I gritted my teeth. "There's no way I would have time to go to the first floor so I guess I'm just going to have to wait until lunch next period."
I quickly ran into my next class, science.
The teacher came up to the blackboard. "Today class we are going to be learning about water displacement. Now we will do a demonstration."
The teacher opened up a tank and took out a big bottle filled with water and started swishing it around. I could hear other girls in the classroom wincing as I crossed my legs tightly and tried to focus on the lesson without focusing on it too much!
"You see when you swirl the water around like this," said the teacher as she spun the bottle around creating a funnel inside of it, "you create a funnel. And that if we pour the water into this tank you will see the water is displaced when I pour it into there."
As the teacher slowly poured the water into the tank I noticed that the girl in front of me, Marissa, was tapping her legs like crazy and finally she put her hand up.
"Yes Marissa?" the teacher said as she pointed to her.
"Can I please go to the ladies room?!"
"I'm sorry but rules are that you are supposed to go between class."
"But the ladies room was locked!"
"The one on the first floor is open, you will just have to use that one."
"But it's not near any of my classes!"
"I'm sorry Marissa, but you will just have to find time to go to the bathroom between classes on your own time."
As I sat there watching Marissa crossing her legs it was beginning to drive me crazy because I had to pee just as bad! I could see some of the other girls in the classroom showing the telltale signs of feet shifting and tapping. The boys did not look to be too uncomfortable though, bastards!
Finally the bell rung and class was over. Now it was finally time for lunch and I didn't have to get there in any set amount of time. As fast as my trembling legs would carry me I gathered up my books and began stampeding down to the first floor, down several snaking hallways and finally it was there, my salvation, the girls bathroom on the first floor across from the nurse's station.
"Finally, I've been holding this in all day!" I shouted as I ran into the ladies room before stopping short. There were probably at least 20 girls in there waiting for the five stalls, most of them shifting their legs and doing the telltale pee dance.
"Do any of you mind if I cut?" I asked.
"Yes we do!" several voices came at once and I took my place on line.
The next 10 or 15 min. passed by very slowly as I stood there dancing from foot to foot. Finally a stall opened and I practically knocked down the other girl, pulled down my panties and slammed my ass on the seat and exploded into the toilet. "Oh my God!" I shouted as I finally let loose with a powerful stream of urine. "This feels real good."
Finally I finished up, wiped myself and the next desperate girl practically pushed me down like I had the girl before me just to get into the toilet. After washing my hands I looked back at the restroom with a sense of dread knowing that that would be the only time that day I would go to the bathroom, so I had better make it last.
"Where were you Jill?" Jake asked as I came into the cafeteria.
"There was a line!"
Jake laughed. "That's why it's nice to have a penis."
I stuck my tongue out and sat down at the table and the only thought that I could think of was that please God let there be drugs and alcohol found in the men's room tomorrow!
That's where the story ends. As it turns out that eventually did happen, but not until the next year when drugs were found in the boys restroom as well (and sadly since I have left that school I have heard that they have developed a severe drug and alcohol problem there). But even with only one restroom open they still had twice as many places to pee as we did. Fortunately my last year of college I had a really short day that was only three or four hours long and every other day I had gym, and the gym also had a bathroom that I could use. But those last few years they were pretty frustrating, and I think that they contributed to my fascination with female desperation and what it is like to have a desperately full bladder. So I guess it wasn't all bad!
That's all for now. As usual I have no idea when I will update again because my life is not very interesting, but I will try to update more frequently. If I don't have any new true stories to share, I will use my fertile imagination to try and think of some more fiction to update with.
And as always I end with all the links I have accumulated since my last update.
-http://not-your-cute-little-asian-girl.tumblr.com/archive (Asian girl tumbler)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUHeSTDv_24 (Victorian realities - how did they use the toilet??!)
-http://pissedmypantiesworld.tumblr.com/ (PIssing panties tumbler.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEI_nvzlGTY (Poop Hack - When You Just Can't Hold It In.)
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-https://sites.google.com/site/autobanden/home (Good female desperation pictures.)
-https://stickyegg.com/tag/ladies-room-line/ (The great equalizer as even celebrities have to wait in the ladies room line!)
-http://mangozeen.blogspot.com/2015/12/long-lines.html (Women suffer at public bathrooms. Their clothing restrains a quick entry and exit as much as the fact that most women's bathroom are designed for two or three stalls at max. I've always been astounded by the length of the queues before the lady's room, but the men's room isn't much better when men drink beer.
Two much beer and the lines can contipede out of control.
At least we don't have to wash our hands.)
-http://boingboing.net/2016/05/25/in-line-at-the-ladies-room-i.html (Satire on transphobia.)
-https://strictlystine.com/tag/comic/page/2/ (Line Language.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-0-p0GysiY (Women Vs. Men's restroom lines)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MJSS2QWydY (Why Men & Women Use Separate Bathrooms)
-http://kirida.com/2014/08/jay-z-and-beyonce-on-the-run-tour-in-seattle/ (he brewery across the street had the longest line to the ladies room. The girls behind me were strategizing with each other, “Are you going to pee or just look at the mirror?!” And there was no soap so I offered some of these young ladies hand sanitizer and another one my Tide to Go pen when she noticed a stain because even in the coolest place on earth, I am the mommest mom ever to mom it up. Luckily, my highwaisted jeans have big pockets for all the supplies I’ll need. Gather around girls, no one is getting any germs when I’m here!)
-http://traveledearth.com/2012/07/19/vienna-city-of-music/ (Thanks for a wonderful free weekend of music, Vienna. We really, really enjoyed it. Though you may want to consider upgrading your washroom facilities on the island. There were something like 1.8 million people in attendance at the music festival over the weekend, and almost no washrooms. On top of that, the washrooms all charged an entrance fee. Of course this was no problem for me, I just walked into the bush and took a leak with 50 other guys. Ashley, however, waited in line with the other ladies for 25 minutes and had to pay 0.50€. In the future, Vienna, if you are going to have a huge music festival, put out some free porta-potties please.)
-http://tosh.cc.com/blog/2015/09/09/no-time-for-a-line (Woman in men's room.)
-https://iarethefoodsnob.wordpress.com/2012/06/ (I turned away to use the ladies room…and was impressed with the way the staff handled the lines. when the Ladies room line got too long, they took half of the ladies off the line and put them ahead of the men on line. Not to worry, there were individual restrooms. And the lines moved uber quickly. )
-https://lifeafterdawn.com/ (On a recent family road trip, I dared to be “that woman” who refused to wait on the line to the ladies room! It’s a lesson for my kids about meeting individual needs.)
-http://turfluck.blogspot.com/2007_06_01_archive.html (Crist is right that it was smaller crowds made the day more enjoyable for those at the track. But even with the "lowest attendance in a decade," there was one line that took forever: Yup. That's the line for the ladies' room. Keep in mind that this is outside the ladies room. There are at least a dozen more women in line inside. Keep in mind there's a line of the same length at the other entrance to this restroom. If Crist thinks "cargo-style" train travel will discourage visitors, what do you think cargo-style restrooms will do?

While I hesitate to call this sexism, as Belmont is an old facility, the lack of adequate facilities for women does seem a mite short-sighted. If racing were serious about attracting female fans, it seems to me that they'd change a few signs on a few men's rooms for the day. But as Railbird recently pointed out, racing doesn't do a very good job at recognizing women in the industry or the stands.

Strangely, this sort of thing is apparently not a problem for casinos, as hard-core slots players have ways of dealing with this issue.)
-https://shellysretirementadventure.com/2015/07/27/waiting-for-cymbeline-shakespeare-in-the-park/ (The performance was splendid and the concept refreshing and funny with plenty of music and dance. The only problem was a certain line during intermission so go before you sit down and if you need the ladies (and the men’s also by the way) room again, tear out of there and prepare to race back to your seats as they only break for 15 minutes.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgGhVMj4FO8 (Draw-The-Line - Bathroom Panic)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfoF6HymStY (Girl very desperate - absolutely bursting to pee on the phone)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsqsOf3-b7Q (Do you need to pee?)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sindH_gN2Q (She is locked out and very desperate to pee.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20wsFNyards (A girl is desperate to pee whilst waiting for an ultrasound. You can see her bulge and shivering. This is why ultrasounds can get really uncomfortable)
-https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B661IffOoiSBMUpVLWdSX3Axczg/view (Car desperation.)
-https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B661IffOoiSBeUZYSHotZmtUZ0k/view (13 minutes of car desperation.)
-https://twitter.com/lovesQ4loo (Desperation and bathroom lines twitter page.)
-http://www.gettyimages.at/detail/video/long-queues-at-the-portable-toilets-at-the-firework-stock-filmmaterial/105456096 (restroom line in Japan.)
-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOkF_Hy4brc&feature=youtu.be (Oktoberfest 2010 Schlange am Damen-WC )
-http://reallydesperate2016.tumblr.com/ (Desperation blog)


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