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Toilet stool post
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Tonight I am just copying and pasting some of the stories that I have posted on toilet stool last month. I've been meaning  to post them here in my blog as they are stories I have not shared here before. I'm also going to post the only replies  that I got to my stories. You can also read them on toilet stool and respond there. I post there as desperate Jill. I  haven't posted there that much but I did post some interesting things. I will include the date that I posted each one in  case you want to look it up on toilet stool. I have not altered in any way from what I posted there however.
But before I post all of that I did have one good line sighting at the movies last week. It was the second biggest line  that I have seen there so far. Luckily I timed it such that two movies got out at once. And like with the last time, guess  who was in the theater who got out second ;). Despite being in the theater right by the bathroom another movie must have  gotten out before mine. When I finally got out of the movie there was a line 7 women out the door. I would estimate there  were at least that many inside. As I've mentioned in previous posts the ladies room at the movie theater only has three  stalls. So when there is a group all going at once there is occasionally a backup. I of course don't mind ;). In this  instance, I wasn't nearly as desperate as I was the last time. I wouldn't even say I was desperate, but I did have to go.  And when you gotta go it's always nice when there is a wait.
That is the fun part about lines, especially when you are at the end of them. All of you have to pee but based on the order  in which you arrive not everyone gets to go at once. That is the nice thing about first-come, first-served. It isn't the  person who has to go the most who gets to go first, it is just to ever gets there before you.
In this case I was fortunate to be in line behind an attractive black woman. Unfortunately she had children with her, which  I tend to find annoying in the bathroom. The good thing about that was since she had three girls with her that is more  people holding up the line. Children are annoying for another reason as well. There is the fact that they are very  inconsiderate in the bathroom. After a good 10 to 15 min. of waiting (I estimate) it was finally my turn. But when I went  to use the toilet I found that the seat was wet. So I had to wait for the next toilet which was also wet. Finally, I just  used the third toilet. But the woman in front of me clearly never taught her children how to be considerate in the  bathroom.
I'm probably going to sound weird for saying so, but this fetish is always constantly evolving. I found myself recently  kind of liking the idea of when other women are extremely inconsiderate in the bathroom. It's the very fact that they get  to go to the bathroom before you and then render the toilet unusable for the next woman in line. This means I am denied  immediate access to a clean toilet in my moment of need. And for some reason I find that a bit exciting.
I think this went back to a recent chat where a woman I was chatting with about this issue mentioned how if we were in line  for a toilet she would purposely soak the seat because she knows I would be unwilling to use it. She said she would do this  even if it was absolutely the only toilet available for me to use. I should also point out that she has no problem with  public peeing and is able to stand. This means that a dirty toilet is absolutely no obstacle to her whatsoever. As I cannot  hover or squat easily and MUST have a clean toilet in order to go any woman who knows that, and wants to be mean to me in  the bathroom is at a distinct advantage. Or just in any situation where we encounter a filthy toilet. And for some reason  this whole thing, the possibility of being in such a frustrating situation is kind of a turn on. Maybe I'll write a story  on that theme in the future.

But I wrote more than I was expecting, so here are my toilet stool posts and some of the replies.

I loved your story about female desperation in the school. It is insane how they only have five stalls for 400 girls but   it's pretty much the same thing wherever you go. The majority of places give men far more places to pee than women. When   you factor in urinals it's easy to see why there is never a line at the men's room, but always wanted the women's room.   Even in venues with thousands of people, all needing to use the restroom at once, it is not uncommon to have only five   stalls or less for the women while the men's room will have several times as many urinals. There have been many a time   where I have missed out on a chance to pee due to this. I have lots of female desperation stories that I could share when I   get the chance. I actually have an entire blog on the subject, so maybe I will copy some of my stories from there to share   with people here.
Fortunately I did not have a huge problem with getting to use the bathroom between classes in high school. I would try to   go to the bathroom at every opportunity so that at least if I didn't get in during one period I would have a chance the   next time. The only real problem was during the last year of high school. Because many people were smoking or drinking in   the restroom they ended up closing a large number of them so that sometimes there was only one or two ladies rooms open at   a time. Fortunately that year. I only had a three-hour day!
In fact, high school was a bit of a relief compared to elementary school, however. In elementary school we had an annoying,   and in retrospect, very sexist system of bathroom passes. For several years, the policy was that you would get a set  number  of minutes each day to use the bathroom. You would sign out when you had to go and then sign back in when you were  done.  You got a grand total of 6 min. a day to use the bathroom. Depending on how quick you were you could go several  times a  day.
Now here's why it's sexist. I remember my classroom was positioned in such a way that the boys restroom was pretty much   right outside the door. So it would take maybe 10 seconds to get into the restroom from class. I knew at least one boy who   is able to go within a single minute. That must seem like a pretty sweet deal.
The girls restroom, on the other hand, was down the stairs and then down a very long hallway. Running in the hallways was   of course not allowed, so it would take often a minute or two just to walk to the girls room. And then it takes usually   just as long to take care of business. So even if you are quick a single trip to the bathroom might eat up most of your   bathroom passes for the day. It got to the point where a lot of the girls had to make do with a single trip to the bathroom   each day, while the boys could usually manage to go at least three times in the same period.
Them also must add this to the fact that it has been proven by surveys that women take twice as long to use the bathroom as   men and go more often. Plus the men's room at school often had six or seven urinals in addition to a stall or two, while   the girls room usually only had three stalls.
No one ever really questioned this when we were in school but looking back now I can see that a grave injustice was done. I   guess he was say my obsession is with how society deeply disadvantages women and shortchanges us when it comes to toilets.   It's like a refusal to acknowledge that women go to the bathroom. This brings me to my next topic.
When I was growing up I was an only child in my family but I often spent time with my cousins. A typical outing would   involve my mom, my aunt and my two MALE cousins. With this setup, you will quickly take notice of gender differences in   regards to peeing freedom.
My mom and aunt had a strong belief that women should be modest. They were taught to be that way from how they were raised.   What that meant for me was that peeing outside or using the men's room was strictly forbidden. The only place where it was   permissible for me to pee was in a private ladies room with sparkling clean toilets. Anything other than that, and you  just  had to hold it in.
My mom and aunt had an entirely different view of boys peeing. Their attitude was that boys will be boys. It was entirely   natural for boys to make the world their own personal urinals. There was nothing immodest or shameful about it. So when I   was out with my two male cousins the experience could be very different based on whether you had an X or Y-chromosome. Here   are some typical situations.
We are going for a walk in the woods for several hours. A problem arises. My two cousins need to pee. The solution – go pee   behind that Bush or tree. And they generally did it right in front of me.
We are going for a walk in the woods for several hours. A problem arises. I need to pee. The solution – we'll be home in an   hour or so Jill, you'll just have to hold it in. But can I just go behind a tree? Don't be an animal was the response.
As you can guess that's trip back from the woods was a very different experience for me compared to my cousins and they   didn't mind rubbing it in that they could be while I had to "be a lady." Being a lady of course means holding in your   bladder no matter how long or how uncomfortable.
Situation number two. Problem – a toilet is available but it is completely filthy. Or there is no toilet paper available.
The solution. For my cousins – just go ahead and pee, it's already filthy anyway. For me – oh my God Jill, that toilet is   filthy, you could get a disease, use another one! Problem – there is no other one. Solution – will be home "eventually".   "Eventually" became a menacing phrase that could mean a very long time.
Although I should point out here that I am a bit prissy about using a filthy toilet. Usually I will wait to find a clean   one, although in an emergency I am willing to wipe down the seat providing it is not too filthy. I never had the proper   balance to hover. Besides as my mom would say "that's inconsiderate and disgusting" and you should never do it. Of course   if the woman before me was less considerate or clean my punishment for her inconsideration was that I would have to hold   it. For the record, my mom has a bladder of steel and almost never uses a public restroom unless she is out and away from   home for a very long time and it has to be a real emergency. I never developed such bladder control. Much to her dismay I'm   one of those girls who has to pee every freaking place that we go.
But by far the worst situation is situation number three. What would typically happen when out in a public place such as a   movie theater with my mom, aunt and cousins was that afterwards my cousins and I would always need the bathroom. Here is   where the male pee privilege is the most glaringly obvious.
To start with my mom and aunt had a boys first mentality. When we were very young, they wouldn't let us all go to the   bathroom by ourselves, so we had a procedure. First, we would all go find the boys room. The logic behind this, according   to my mom and aunt anyway, is that there is two of them and only one of me and boys are much quicker. So we would go to the   boys room and we would wait outside while the boys took care of business. Then, and only then, would we proceed to the   ladies room, which by then would have a huge line outside, because by waiting for the boys all of the other women had a   head start getting to the bathroom before me.
I think that my cousins knew this, and would purposely take their time going to the bathroom. One of my cousins to my great   annoyance had a habit of taking a poop in a public restroom. He could generally hold it, sometimes for days at a time, but   whenever we went to a public place and I was waiting patiently for the boys to finish using the bathroom so I could get my   turn he would take a long and leisurely poop. I would often complain and he would apologize, but I often caught him   giggling and laughing.
Finally, after the boys were well and relieved, only then could I get in line for the ladies room. Of course sometimes that   didn't even happen. There were more than a few occasions where by the time the boys were done in the boys room the line  for  the ladies room often snaked long out the door. So sometimes my mom and aunt would tell me to just wait until we get  home.  They weren't cruel, if I really had to go they weren't going to make me wet myself, but there were a few instances  where I  had to leave and had to ride home in the car with my emptied bladdered cousins.
So I have a short survey on this topic that I would like to ask everyone. Please indicate your sex when you answer the   survey.
1. When you were growing up did your family regard male and female peeing differently? Were they more permissive about boys   peeing than girls peeing, such as in the situations I described above.
2. In your family were you taught that boys could use the world as their urinal while the girls were expected to try and   hold it in?
3. Women: Did you ever have situations growing up where male siblings or relatives got to go to the bathroom but you didn't   and they teased you about it?
Men: Did you ever have situations growing up where female siblings or relatives didn't get to go to the bathroom but you   did and you teased them about it?
4. If the toilet is dirty what do you do?
5. What was your school's policy on using the bathroom? Was it different for boys and girls?
6. If you are in the woods in have to pee or poop what do you do?
I might think of some more questions, and share some stories about the many other times that I have been desperate to pee   and poo, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed this story, and my survey. I look forward to your responses.
reply(5/17/12)-I love taking surveys even though I don't have much experiences to report on this one in particular.
1. When did u last wet yourself by accident ? Probably as a child, although I don't recall the specifics. But I know I did   wet myself couple of times as a child and was laughed at because I had a hard time holding my bladder.

2. Where were u and how did it happen ? In school when I was younger. I was about seven years old and I peed myself on the   bus ride home. I had wanted to pee before leaving school but the teacher wouldn't let me. We had to copy down our homework   first and by the time I was done, the bus was ready to leave so I was unable to go and wet myself on the ride home.

3. What were u wearing at them time u wet yself ? I can't remember at all. That was like 20 years ago.

4. How long can u hold ya bladder ? The longest that I have ever held it is about six or seven hours and that was with   almost no drinking at all while sitting perfectly still and I was absolutely bursting. Drinking regularly I usually feel   the need to go after an hour or two and will be desperate by the third hour. Although I can hold from that point I will be   uncomfortable the entire time. I can hold for a fairly long time now, after years of training my bladder but I still need   to go pretty soon the majority of the time and if I don't I will rapidly become uncomfortable.

5. Do u hold till u have an accident because ur too involved in something else to use the toilet ? Not that I can recall.

6. Did u get embaressed when u wet yself ? Yes because other kids were laughing at me. That is probably why I am into   desperation but not into wetting. A humiliating experience with wetting myself leads me to become obsessed with controlling   my bladder.

7. Have u ever wet yself on purpose or out of pure laziness? Nope.

8. When did u last poo yself ? I can't recall, although as a child I took a long time to be potty trained and used to poop   in my undies.

9. Where were u and how did it happen ? See above.

10. What were u wearing at the time u messed yself ? I don't remember.

11. How long can u hold ya poo ? I've gone days without going but I usually go one to three times a day. I can generally   hold it pretty long as long as the feeling isn't urgent.

12. Were u doing something else,got distracted and that's why u messed yself ? No.

13. Were u embaressed when u messed yself ? No, because I did it at home.

14. Ever messed yself out of pure laziness to go to the toilet, or out of convenience ? Never.
15. What do u do if there is no toilet paper? Do u go and not wipe, try to find another toilet with paper or hold on and   hope u won't shit yself in the meantime? If I just have to pee I usually will just skip out on wiping. I rarely poo in   public, but when I do I try to make sure the toilet has paper in it. If it doesn't I will wait for another toilet. If none   is available at all I will just go without it.

16. Do u enjoy wetting or messing yself? No, I'm only into desperation.

The following is a story that took place when I was a teenager and went to the beach with my cousins. I recently remembered   this while chatting with someone about the topic of how one piece bathing suits make it very difficult to pee, especially   if you wear it underneath your other clothes because you have to get completely undressed in order to pull down your   bathing suit, leaving you completely naked. The following story incorporates all of those elements.
What happened was I went to the beach with my cousins and by now we had dried off and were getting ready to leave. I was   going to stop by the bathroom before we left, and my younger cousin Jennifer joined me. We went into the ladies room, which   had five stalls. I took the stall at the end she took the one next to me. Inconveniently, with my one piece on under my   clothing, I had to take off all of my clothing and then pull down my swimsuit. Not wanting my clothing to touch the floor I   made the mistake that would result in my subsequent embarrassment. I hung my clothes over the wall of the stall next to me   where my cousin was putting them directly into her reach.
Shortly after I sat down on the toilet, completely buck naked, I started to take a poop. I really don't like going in   public restrooms, but I hadn't gone all day. Since I woke up early that morning I did not have a chance to poop before I   left home and had eaten a lot several hours before.
So I'm sitting there naked and pooping hoping that I will finish up soon because I feel very vulnerable and exposed sitting   on the toilet completely naked. No sooner than a few seconds after I started pooping I see my clothing disappear over the   wall of the stall and into the stall, where my cousin was. She had completely pulled him out of my reach and I couldn't   exactly get up to get them back. I pleaded with my cousin to give me back my clothing but she refused. I then heard her   toilet flush and the stall door open. She taunted me by briefly waving my clothing over the stall door and then pulling it   out of my reach.
But it gets better...
Not content to just take my clothing away from me, she decides to do something even more humiliating. She takes my clothing   and goes five stalls down to the fifth stall which is empty and leaves my clothing in that stall. She said I could have my   clothing back, I just needed to go and get it. Then she left.
Of course I can't exactly just get up because, as you will recall, I was in the middle of making a poop. Getting   increasingly nervous I try to finish up as quick as possible. But even once I am done I can't just leave my stall because   I'm completely naked, and anyone could see me. I bent down to look across the rest of the stalls to see that there were no   feet and that the bathroom was empty. I was just going to make a run for it when the inevitable happened.
As I was getting up to make my run for it I heard a group of teenage girls walk into the restroom, about five of them. Four   of them went to the other four available stalls and the fifth girl knocked on my stall door. I just said that someone was   in there and was hoping that the other girls would finish up and she could go in one of the other stalls and then they   would leave and I could go and get my clothing back.
Unfortunately, that was when I heard something even worse. I could hear the girl in the fifth stall, whose name was Melissa   I heard, talking to her friends. She said that she had found the cutest little bathing suit in her stall. She couldn't   believe that someone would just leave nice clothing in the stall like that. Her friends asked her what she was going to do   and she said she guessed she would keep it.
That was the moment when true panic set in. I was extremely shy and embarrassed by this entire experience, but if I didn't   say something soon, this other girl was going to abscond with my clothing, leaving me completely naked and with no clothes   to retrieve. I start thinking what I'm going to do and I hear the girls getting ready to leave. I shouted the girl standing   outside of my stall that those clothes were mine and that my cousin had played a trick on me. I was very lucky because I   waited until the last possible second to say anything and only the last girl heard me. She was able to get my clothing back   from her friend who had already started leaving. Had I waited a few seconds more they all would've left and I really   would've been in and embarrassing situation then.
Looking back now I can really laugh at it and since I find involuntary nudity kind of sexy it's a fun thing to think about.   Has anyone else experienced a prank in the bathroom like that?
When you really think about it sitting on the toilet, especially if you naked, is the most vulnerable time of your   existence. My cousin played many more pranks on me like that and maybe I will tell you about those in future posts.
If you have any feedback on anything I've said, please share with me as I love getting comments on my stories.

Brandon T
To: Desperate Jill as always another great story and your cousin was mean for doind that but at least you got your swim  suit back in the end and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.
Anne and David


Abbie- Great to see your latest post! I enjoyed your story. Sounds like that girl was very lucky to get on a loo and to  have a friend with spare knickers!

Desperate Jill- Though I'd answer your survey first;

1. When you were growing up did your family regard male and female peeing differently? I'm an only child so I've not had  much experience with differences really.

2. In your family were you taught that boys could use the world as their urinal while the girls were expected to try and  hold it in? When I was with my male cousins playing in the woods or whatever, they would sometimes pee behind trees. I was  embarrassed to let anyone know I had to use the toilet back then so I would just hold it, but I guess they would have found  it a bit odd if I did.

3. Women: Did you ever have situations growing up where male siblings or relatives got to go to the bathroom but you didn't  and they teased you about it? Once I remember going out with my cousin to some kind of sporting event (a football match I  think) and after he got to pee because his dad took him in but there was a long queue for the few ladies; loos so I had to  hold my full bladder until we got home.

4. If the toilet is dirty what do you do? Try to clean it with paper. If I need to pee only I sometimes hover, but if I  have to poo I need to sit down really so I always try to clean it or find another cleaner toilet for a poo.

5. What was your school's policy on using the bathroom? Was it different for boys and girls? It was the same for boys and  girls. Varied from teacher to teacher- some would let you go, some wouldn't, although technically you weren't meant to  leave class at all. Some teachers would write toilet passes to give to anyone who had to use the loo during class. I  usually made it to break or lunch ok and usually got on a toilet, though.

6. If you are in the woods in have to pee or poop what do you do? If I badly need to wee then I will just find somewhere  and go on the ground. If I need to poo, unless it's really urgent I will try to get home or to some public toilets, but if  I have some tissues with me (I usually carry some) and I really need a poo then I will just squat behind some trees and let  it out!

Jill, your school toilet system sounded really unfair to girls! The system I described above was for senior/high school. My  primary/elementary school had boys and girls toilets in the cloakrooms between the two classrooms that each year had. If  you needed to go you just asked and the teacher would always let you go unless you were doing a test or something. That  didn't stop accidents though- I remember one girl, Katie, presumably through shyness and not wanting to ask to go, ended up  with her poo in her knickers one day and the teacher comforting her and leading her off to get cleaned up.
I too was brought up to be modest but my mum told me it was ok to go in the woods or whatever in an emergency- better than  having an accident!

And, as usual, I will end with some links that I have been looking at. I recently was interested to see what the Internet  had to say about the age-old debate of whether women pee more than men. There's a diverse range of opinions, but I still  tend to think that women have to pee more often. But as a fan of female desperation and women peeing I guess I'm biased ;). (Women for sure. A study was done where men & women kept urine journals. They found  men peed 4 times in average while women averaged 6-7 times. It makes sense because women are smaller (=bladders too), women  have a uterus (less room to expand) and I also read the female urethra (which holds back the pee) is weaker. Unfortunately  for us with urinals men get twice as many places to pee. It's really not fair!-My response I couldn't post cause I wasn't a  member.) (personally I find this a  very stupid idea. We should not penalize men from doing what comes naturally to them. Part of the fun of this fetish is  knowing the fact that men have it completely made when it comes to peeing and expedient and convenient manner. I wouldn't  dare take that away from them because it would be one less frustration for desperate women everywhere to have to endure and  be jealous of!)

Well that's all till next time, whenever that will be. I might do another copy and paste post in the near future. But  otherwise I'm trying to focus on my non-fetish related stuff lately. But we will see.


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